2019 Ford Ranger review: A midsize lorry champ

It’s been 8 prolonged years given Ford sole a new Ranger in a United States. But interjection to a pickup gods, it’s behind — and it was good value a wait.

The new Ranger earnings with turbocharged power, clever towing and hauling capabilities and some tech facilities we won’t find anywhere else in a midsize pickup class. Because of that, a Ranger is improved staid to do conflict with a flourishing stand of midsize trucks. And as distant as I’m concerned, it’s really a one to get.

Two cabs, one clever engine

The Ranger is now accessible in XL, XLT or Lariat trims, in possibly SuperCab pattern with a 6-foot bed, or incomparable SuperCrew with a 5-foot bed. If that isn’t adequate split for you, 4 opposite coming packages are available, including a Sport trim we see on this tester.

Both rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations are available, yet no matter that we choose, you’re sealed into one engine: a 2.3-liter EcoBoost I4, good for 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. Power gets to a cement around a 10-speed involuntary delivery — sorry, do-it-yourself shifters, a primer delivery isn’t available.

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A SuperCrew cab with a 5-foot box looks good on a Ranger.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The peppy, turbocharged I4 is a good engine, charity clever off-the-line acceleration and plenty midrange punch. The V6 engines found in a Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon twins offer some-more horsepower, yet a turbocharged EcoBoost offers some-more torque. Dig into a stifle and a Ranger has no problem hustling to pass slow-moving trucks on a highway.

The Ranger’s 10-speed involuntary delivery is polished and well-spoken — usually like it is in a Ford F-150 pickup. The Ranger never hunts for a right gear, either. It’ll downshift when indispensable and upshift for fuel economy, yet it’s not constantly swapping cogs like some other 10-speed units. The delivery seems to downshift a bit cruelly underneath braking, yet that’s a tiny fault of an differently well-spoken powertrain.

That said, you’d consider a 10-speed involuntary would assistance urge fuel economy, yet that’s frequency a case. The EPA rates my two-wheel-drive Ranger during 23 miles per gallon combined, that is a class-leading number. But during a week of testing, that enclosed a vast army of highway driving, we usually saw 20 mpg.

With four-wheel drive, a Ranger is rated during 22 mpg combined, while a Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma offer anywhere from 17 to 20 mpg. Even a car-based Honda Ridgeline usually offers 22 mpg in a many efficient, front-wheel-drive guise.

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Lest we forget a indication of your truck, there it is hammered right on a tailgate.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

Behind a wheel, a Ranger drives, well, like a truck. The plain behind spindle setup means it’s not a smoothest thing on 4 wheels — here’s where a Ridgeline’s unibody height helps it gleam — yet a Ranger is positively on customary with other midsize pickups in terms of float and handling. The steering is easily weighted yet generally deceptive in terms of feedback, and braking energy is clever and secure.

Should we wish to get your lorry dirty, a Ranger FX4 offers a turf government system, movement image insurance and off-road specific tires and suspension. This creates it a small some-more blimp while cornering on-road, yet a whole lot improved off a beaten path. we got to exam a Ranger FX4 on a Ford-designed off-road march during a truck’s launch eventuality in San Diego, and found a lorry to be some-more than efficient in a severe stuff.

The tow/haul personality

The Ranger has best-in-class towing capability, rated during 7,500 pounds. What’s more, we can lift that same weight regardless of drivetrain or cab configuration. If we wish some-more towing energy from your midsize truck, you’ll have to get one of a diesel-powered GM pickups, or wait for a Wrangler-based 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Beyond towing, a Ranger also offers some-more cargo ability than a classmates. The 4×2 models’ 1,860-pound cargo rating beats a pants off a Toyota Tacoma and a GM pickups. However, if we wish a 4×4 Ranger, know that your bed-carrying ability drops some, to 1,560 pounds.

Drab cabin, yet good tech

Inside, a Ranger is flattering meh. The pattern and materials aren’t terrible, yet they don’t hint joy, either, to steal a word from a stream informative zeitgeist. Frankly, we approaching a some-more complicated interior, yet a Ranger’s cabin is though useful and practical.

Still, there are some splendid points to this tasteless interior. The Ranger has some of a many gentle front seats of any pickup, and a feverishness duty does not quit. The behind seats offer some-more legroom than what you’ll find in a Toyota Tacoma, yet taller folks will still feel a bit cramped.

Like other Ford products, a Ranger gets a obvious and well-liked Sync 3 infotainment system, with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity on an 8-inch touchscreen. (Lower-spec Rangers make do with a bottom Sync complement on a smaller screen.) The onboard Wi-Fi picks adult vigilance even where my phone fails to find service. Base Rangers come customary with usually one USB port, yet aloft trims supplement one some-more to a party. As for other energy ports, a Ranger has dual 12-volt outlets adult front, and another one in back.

There are a series of pushing aids on offer, too, including blind-spot monitoring that can see a length of a lorry and a trailer. Adaptive journey control is also available, yet it disengages next 12 miles per hour, creation it invalid in stop-and-go trade (you know, where we wish this complement most). Available lane-keeping support can be incited on around a symbol during a finish of a spin vigilance petiole and facilities a customizable turn of intensity, as good as a choice of an heard alert, steering intervention, or both.

Worth a wait

2019 Ford Ranger pricing starts during $24,300, not including $1,095 for destination, for an XL SuperCab 4×2. My tester, duration — an XLT SuperCrew 4×2 — comes in usually above $30,000. Tick each choice box and we can spend good over $40,000 for this truck.

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The cabin is serviceable, yet not pretty.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The new Ford Ranger excels opposite a house with a clever powertrain and higher towing/hauling capabilities. Plus, it’s got some good pushing tech we won’t find on other midsize trucks. The interior competence be drab, and a fuel economy leaves a bit to be desired, yet for my money, a 2019 Ranger is a many well-rounded pickup accessible in a US today.

Like all good things, it was really value a wait.

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