2019 Fiat 500X 1.3L First Drive: New Engine, Last Chance? This new section creates a 48-volt battery possible, now Fiat has to broach that

Think of Fiat as a boxer. A fighter who, usually as a bell is about to sound to finish a second-to-last round, gets knocked on his back. What contingency would we give it as a final turn gets underway?

Or, we competence contend a doomsday time is ticking on Fiat, and it’s now 5 to midnight.

Last year, in all of Canada, a FCA multiplication sole a small over 600 vehicles. Leading a approach was a 124 Spider – a Mazda product, essentially. To contend that things are hilly during Fiat right now is an understatement. Time to pull a panic button, or during slightest cruise some radical solutions.

For a 500X, a short-term prospects float on a new powertrain, and it was this pattern that we recently headed to New York to test-drive. This indeed constitutes not a final possibility for a model, yet a second-to-last possibility before a genuine doubt of Fiat’s presence will have to be addressed. Read on to see why.

The engine
The 500X’s new section is a 1.3L 4-cylinder turbo that generates 177 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. These are utterly important numbers for a automobile of this size. The engine also advantages from third-generation MultiAir record as did a aged 1.4L unit. The complement allows for maximizing both energy outlay and fuel economy. Much of a media display given to us during a opening of a exam expostulate was clinging to indicating out a virtues. we don’t doubt what they told us, yet a doubt that matters will have to be answered over time, and that has to do with a trustworthiness of a product.

For Fiat, in fact, that is a essential element. As it happens, we headed for a eventuality in a Fiat 124 Spider versed with a 1.4L engine, and wouldn’t we know it yet a check engine warning illuminated adult on a lapse voyage.

You couldn’t make that up…

Better harmony
In any event, a initial hit with a new powertrain was positive. The altogether prodigy is that finally, here we have an engine suitable for this car, not a apparatus they happened to have on palm that could do a job. The outcome is softened peace between components when pushing a 500X.

Power is sufficient and a smoothness is not an issue. The 9-speed involuntary delivery bolted to it also seems some-more adult to a charge during hand. There were some bobbles, yet zero vital or systematic. we did discern a slight cut in a linearity of a energy being delivered when accelerating aggressively, yet again, zero to write home about.

The doubt then, as mentioned, remains: Will this package infer some-more arguable than what we’ve seen?

The plan
Prior to his genocide final year, FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) Sergio Marchionne had common a company’s five-year devise for a several brands. Many observers were struck by a miss of fact in this devise per dual brands in particular: Chrysler and Fiat.

We know that a 500 is streamer for electrification, a usually doubt remaining if that will be usually for Europe. At present, speak is of a 48-volt complement operative in a hybrid complement for North America. It appears a same devise is in outcome for a 500X, yet association member are confirming zero of this.

By 2020, a FCA Group skeleton to have 30 electrified products in a lineup. And that’s where a destiny of Fiat, a loyal final chance, lies.

For a rest
The 2019 Fiat 500X with 1.3L turbo doesn’t change most form a prior iteration. It stills styling that is definite singular and different, and we would contend this is a primary offered point. The display inside is usually as distinctive, yet here a peculiarity of public leaves something to be desired. During a drive, a determined sound entrance from a roof scarcely gathering us mad!

Otherwise a expostulate is pleasant, a fruit of accurate steering. Comfort turn is decent yet no more.

The biggest emanate has to do with a price. With a starting cost of $32,000 and a intensity seeking cost of $40,000 when we supplement in some options, this Fiat is usually not pretty labelled no matter how we cut it.

If Fiat believes in a new powertrain and is critical about relaunching a 500X, it will have to cut that cost down. And not usually a trim either! At a starting cost of $20,000 or so, a automobile will be an appealing tender for buyers. Then, if a product proves reliable, a association can demeanour during adding extras and bling that competence move a cost adult but losing customers. At somep in time an electrified various could be of seductiveness to consumers as well, and sell for some-more while giving buyers a possibility to advantage from incentives programs.

Until that happens, though, a stream all-gasoline product requires some obligatory measures. If Fiat fails to take some, a indication could be thing of a past before foundation ever creates it approach to it.

We like

New powertrain better-suited to a model
Styling is still compelling
Crisp steering that keeps a motorist in hold with a road

We like less

The pricing
Dodge trustworthiness record
The brand’s frail status
Uneven peculiarity of construction

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