2019 Chrysler Pacifica vs. 2019 Honda Odyssey Comparison Review

There were transparent agreements, though. We found a Pacifica rides softened on all surfaces, a passengers feeling reduction jostled on severe cement than those in a Odyssey. Likewise, we found a Odyssey’s delivery clearly higher while a Pacifica was a bit idle to change and spasmodic clunky.

All of that can impact newcomer comfort or confidence, yet this comparison was won and mislaid on features. For that, we can start in a essential second row.

Chrysler’s Stow ‘n Go bower seats aren’t new, yet they are improved. The front seats pierce divided with a reason of a button, a building pops adult with a light tug, and a seats overlay and reserve with a wrench of a tag and a tiny pull to settle them into their hold. With a seats out of a way, we have a easiest probable entrance to a third row, loads of load room, and, as one child-rearing staff member has discovered, a available space to widespread out a changing pad when diapers go afoul. In their honest position, a seats are somehow somewhat some-more gentle than a Odyssey’s non-folding chairs, and they still lean out of a approach softened for somewhat easier third-row access, even with a child chair installed. Plus, a form they overlay into provides an additional lonesome storage space. On a downside, a second quarrel doesn’t slip in any direction, and a discretionary core chair is formidable to remove.

Honda’s Magic Seat resolution is equally crafty yet not utterly as versatile. Being means to slip a second-row seats brazen puts kids in easier strech of relatives adult front. The ability to slip them side to side means discerning entrance to a third quarrel and a choice of separating disagreeing siblings.

Making space for cargo, though, requires unlatching and lifting a seats out like in a aged days; whatever a seats miss in undisguised weight, they make adult in bulkiness. Sliding them laterally is predicated on stealing a core seat, and it’s large as we flesh it over a other seats. In a end, you’re still left with a tighter fist accessing a third quarrel and no underfloor storage.

The conflict of a built-in vacuums plays out similarly. Honda pioneered a thought with a tiny opening mounted in a load area, yet Chrysler polished it by locating a hose between a second and third rows on a driver’s side, where you’re many expected to use it and where it can’t be blocked by cargo. The Pacifica also boasts a retracting hose; a Odyssey’s has to be congested behind into a cubby usually large adequate for it.

We further cite Chrysler’s second-row celebration system, that facilities dual eccentric screens mounted to a backs of a front seats, compared to a Honda’s singular roof-mounted screen. Not usually does Chrysler’s resolution conduct off arguments over what to watch or play, yet it also allows for a large sunroof.

Honda does have a few disdainful tricks, though, many particularly Cabin Watch and Cabin Talk. The former employs a ceiling-mounted camera that looks down on a second and third rows, can wizz in, sees in a dark, and looks over rear-facing child seats. The latter uses front microphones and back speakers (plus celebration complement headphones if equipped), permitting front-seat officials to call fouls but all a head-turning and shouting. Both options are accessed by a infotainment screen—the program for that we found reduction discerning all around than Chrysler’s.

Fully versed or entirely nude and regardless of a celebration tricks your monthly remuneration allows, Chrysler steals a win during a Honda exam center. The Pacifica is a some-more comfortable, stylish, and crafty package—and therefore a deputy for a minivan category in a final 4 of the competition.

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