2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison initial expostulate review: An off-road …

When we hear a word “bison,” dual things come to mind. Naturally, there’s a big, brawny animal. But there’s also M. Bison, a final trainer in a Super Nintendo diversion Street Fighter II, who spotless 8-year-old Jon Wong’s time some-more times than we caring to remember. Either way, “bison” evokes thoughts of clever and tough specimens. Very wise for this off-road-ready 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison.

Tougher truck

The ZR2 Bison is a many imperishable chronicle of Chevy’s Colorado, wearing an array of pieces that improved prep it for critical route duty. Chevy didn’t rise a tools in-house, either, instead looking to a off-road experts during Wixom, Michigan-based American Expedition Vehicles.  

The outcome is 5 heavy-duty, hot-stamped, boron steel movement plates to defense a radiator, front and behind differentials, send box and gas tank from holding repairs when crawling over rocks. That’s all a improved for critical overlanding trips.

A bit some-more conspicuous are a steel bumpers with a front featuring ascent points for a winch. The behind gets integrated liberation points for a times we need lift a stranded compatriot’s car out of a silt swamp or get tugged out of one yourself. AEV also offers an discretionary snorkel that’s concordant with any Colorado model to yield clean, filtered atmosphere to a engine when churning by dirt and sand.

Completing a meaner demeanour is a new grille that forgoes a normal Chevy bowtie for a bolder in-your-face “CHEVROLET” grille, customary haze lights, Bison-specific 17-inch aluminum wheels wrapped with 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler tires and AEV badges. All of that joins a ZR2’s tubular rocker protecting side rails and circle flares.

Enlarge Image

The Bison’s disdainful grille and steel fender gives it a meaner mug.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

Untouched mechanicals

Outside a beefier extraneous pieces and some-more estimable underbody armor, a Bison is matching to a regular ZR2. It’s accessible in Extended Cab or Crew Cab forms, powered by a 3.6-liter V6 creation 308 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque. This engine is corresponding to an eight-speed involuntary delivery that helps a ZR2 lapse an estimated 18 miles per gallon in a city and 22 mpg on a highway. For an additional $3,500 we can ascent to a 2.7-liter diesel I4, pumping out 186 horsepower and a tasty 369 pound-feet of twist. A six-speed involuntary handles changeable duties here, and a diesel engine’s fuel economy matches that of a gasoline equivalent.

The ZR2’s framework carries over mostly unchanged, as well, with customary front and behind electronic locking differentials and a 3.42 behind axle. The cessation has a 2-inch lift pack over normal Colorado pickups, with a 3.5-inch wider track, Multimatic bobbin valve dampers and expel iron control arms.

Off a beaten path

In sequence to give the Bison a correct workout, Chevy took me to an off-road route easterly of Phoenix, Arizona. The lorry laughs off a initial partial of a expedition, simply scurrying adult and down a course’s hills, opposite washouts and over a smaller rocks littering a path.

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The boron steel skids plates come in accessible for stone crawling.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

When it came time to go adult and over some vast boulders, a guides tell us to activate a four-wheel expostulate system’s low operation and close a behind differential. V6 energy is some-more than plenty here, permitting my exam lorry to get over all encountered obstacles with ease, and usually light stifle modulation. we try my best to palliate a Bison kindly down drops, yet a movement plates announce that they are earning their keep on a few occasions with shrill screeches.

At no time does it feel like a boundary of a ZR2 are approached. Granted, a Arizona route isn’t an impassioned Moab run, yet it’s distant from a Sunday drive, too. Overall, a Bison’s turn of off-road bravery is expected some-more than a infancy of folks will ever truly need.

On a beaten, paved path

On roads heading me behind to civilization, a Bison behaves in a truck-like manner. Steering response isn’t a quickest, there’s tranquil physique tip around turns and some sound when cruising down a highway, interjection to a meatier tires. It’s by no means messy and ideally excellent to stone around on a daily basement in relations comfort.

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The Bison’s infotainment complement is on point, yet reserve tech is lacking.


The interior is of customary sub-par Colorado quality, with vast swaths of tough cosmetic creation adult a lurch and doorway panels, and intuitively laid out switchgear. There are no frills here. It’s usually a elementary pickup truck interior that should mount adult good to unchanging abuse.

Chevrolet’s Infotainment 3 complement is housed on an 8-inch touchscreen atop a core stack, determining navigation, a seven-speaker Bose audio setup, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions are also supported. Hat tip to a ZR2’s countless energy points, with a span of USBs, 12-volt opening and wireless assign pad adult front. Rear passengers have easy entrance to another dual USB ports of their possess and a 12-volt opening on a behind of a core console.

Looking for a latest reserve tech? You best keep moving. Besides a high-definition backup camera, a Bison’s options list doesn’t embody things like adaptive journey control, blind-spot monitoring or brazen collision warning with involuntary puncture braking.

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You’ll be means to go roughly anywhere in a Bison. 

Jon Wong/Roadshow

Ready for adventure

The Bison is a massively able off-road midsize pickup, yet it isn’t a usually diversion in town. The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro serves as this truck’s approach competition, yet subsequent year, a new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon will be fasten a fray.

When a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison hits dealers in January, it’ll be labelled during $48,045 for a Extended Cab, including a $995 end charge. Crew Cab models, meanwhile, will start during $49,645. That’s a $5,750 up-charge over a customary ZR2, that competence or competence not be value it. If we aren’t scaling over rocks on a unchanging basis, a Bison’s combined hardware competence be overkill.

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