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Wisdom, Justice, Moderation. Those 3 difference make adult a state sign for Georgia, where General Motors gave us a initial moment during a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, a many absolute ’Vette ever combined by a Bow Tie brand. The Z06 is already bonkers with 650 hp, so we have to wonder: Is there any emergence of knowledge or mediation by bestowing a C7 ZR1 with some-more than 700 hp?

Yep, we review that right. The large and ardent ZR1 catapults a Corvette into a disdainful organisation of cars creation during slightest 700 hp, and not usually underneath a wire, either. With 755 hp on tap, a 2019 Corvette ZR1 trounces not usually a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat though also a McLaren 720S, Lamborghini Aventador S, Ferrari 488 Pista, and Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Torque is rated during a howling 715 lb-ft. That puts a ZR1 during a 105-hp and 65-lb-ft advantage over a Z06 while also commanding a last-gen LS9-powered C6 ZR1 by 117 hp and 111 lb-ft. In short, a ZR1 delivers a right feet full of American justice.

Before environment us lax on a clear, ideal day during Road Atlanta, Chevy’s minders lead us by a array of trackside presentations to propagandize us on what creates a ZR1 tick. We learn that a ZR1’s LT5 powerplant radically starts life as a LT4 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 from a Corvette Z06 and gets revised with stronger innards and a new 2.65-liter Eaton TVS Roots-type supercharger. The incomparable ventilator boasts a whopping 52 percent some-more banishment than a LT4’s. Immense energy requires measureless amounts of fuel, that is because a LT5 facilities pier injection to further a existent direct-injection setup, a initial for General Motors. And a fuel-sipping cylinder deactivation complement used in other Corvettes? Banished from a ZR1.


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After some-more presentations on brakes, tires, aerodynamics, and design, it’s finally time to drive. Chevy wisely leads us to Corvette Grand Sports to reconnoitre ourselves with Road Atlanta’s 12 corners. After knocking out a few fast-paced warm-up laps in that no-slouch book of a ’Vette, we arrive behind in array line to find a quarrel of rumbling ZR1s, lined adult and prepared for lead-follow sessions. It’s time to accommodate a beast. Initially, a knowledge from a ZR1’s driver’s chair isn’t many opposite from that of an typical Stingray. The cabin’s cosy feeling is familiar, as are all a switchgear and materials. The perspective out a windshield is decent notwithstanding a large supercharger gush extending from a hood. The high wing is frequency conspicuous from a rearview mirror.

“The ZR1 is going to beget speed a lot faster,” a motorist warned us by a walkie-talkies. “You’re entrance from a Grand Sport, so you’re radically gaining some-more than 200 horsepower. It is a monster, so greatfully hang on.”

He wasn’t kidding. The initial path with a ZR1 was a blur, mostly spent recalibrating my right feet to be some-more discreet with a go pedal. Thankfully, Road Atlanta’s prolonged widen of pavement following Turn 7 valid to be a ideal place to unleash a LT5’s fury. Reaching 100 mph in a ZR1 happens quickly. At 140 mph a LT5 is still pulling strong, and a empty note during wide-open stifle is alarmingly loud. Our lead motorist is in a Z06 and hovers during 150 mph good before a braking point, though a ZR1 could’ve simply reached 160 mph had we braked later. Chevy is claiming a 0–60 time as discerning as 2.9 seconds, and we see no reason to doubt that number.

As we lapse to that behind true and a thespian drop into a braking zone, a ZR1 showcases another one of a strengths—stopping. There’s copiousness of bite, and a pedal feel is excellent. We saw 0 signs of fade, that helped us conflict a 12 corners of Road Atlanta with some-more speed and confidence. The ZR1’s Brembo carbon-ceramic stop setup is identical to a Z06’s though facilities upgraded front rotors that endure some-more heat. Same goes for a front stop pads

As a organisation becomes some-more gentle with a track, we start aggressive Turn 4 and a esses during a faster speeds. The Corvette’s discerning steering unequivocally shines on this stretch, as does a extensive hold supposing by a Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s that come as partial of a discretionary ZTK Performance package. (Pilot Super Sports are standard.) The P285/30ZR19 tires adult front and P335/25ZR20 in a back are a same distance as a Z06 wears; however, a ZR1’s 10.5-inch-wide front circle is half an in. wider than a Z06’s to titillate cornering stiffness.

As nightfall approaches, reporters are cycling by path sessions during a many quicker pace, giving a ZR1s small time to rest. Every exam automobile stayed cool. ZR1 engine temp government was a priority for Corvette engineers, and their industry appears to have paid off. The grille and front fender lamp were redesigned to boost airflow to a engine by 41 percent. There are now a sum of 13 feverishness exchangers (12 with a seven-speed manual), that is 4 some-more than on a Z06. Chevy also points out that a LT5’s ventilator spins during a limit 15,860 rpm (about 5,000 rpm slower than a LT4’s) and a revised intercooler dispels twice as many feverishness as a LT4’s.

Most of a laps were finished with a Performance Traction Management complement set to Sport 1 or 2, that supposing usually adequate nanny involvement to keep us out of difficulty though being overly obtrusive. Despite a additional weight adult front from a bigger supercharger and cooling hardware, a ZR1 felt remarkably offset by sincerely discerning Turns 1 and 10. PTM (along with a electronic limited-slip differential) positively was operative a sorcery here.

So how is a ZR1 though a nannies? As it happens, a Corvette growth group hired Motor Trend’s proprietor pro racer, Randy Pobst, for his submit on a ZR1 before to a media drive. He common some of his traction-off observations with us, including how a back tires onslaught for hold underneath power—a common dispute he’s had with a C7 Corvette. “It’s small funky, generally by a slower and crook turns,” he noted. Without a reserve net of PTM, one contingency unequivocally conflict a titillate to get into a stifle too shortly and too aggressively, either exiting a dilemma or speeding in a true line.

Pobst was a fan of a automatic’s discerning and well-spoken shifts and pronounced it seemed some-more staid than a manual-equipped car. He gave high outlines to a ZR1’s magnetorheological check calibrations, that seemed many some-more agreeable than those in a Z06 (with Z07 opening package).

“The best corners for a ZR1 were a fastest ones, display a efficacy of a estimable downforce,” Pobst noted. “And good brakes. Chevy unequivocally knows how to do brakes.”

The ZR1 is already rolling into a garages of business who are undeterred by a $122,095 seeking cost for a coupe and $126,095 for a convertible. That’s $30,515 some-more costly than a allied Corvette Z06 versed with a Z07 package. Bear in mind that cars equaling a ZR1’s opening and energy are simply double or triple a price. The 720S, for example, starts during around $290,000, while a Aventador S blows past $400,000. The ZR1 might be some-more ardent and furious than those discriminating Europeans, though many Corvette fanatics wouldn’t wish it any other way.

A large side of wings

If we devise on holding your ZR1 to a lane (and we wish many of we do), afterwards opting for a ZTK Performance package is a no-brainer. And during $2,995, it’s a relations bargain. In further to stickier Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and increasing cessation open rates, you’ll get a estimable aero pack to assistance keep a ZR1 planted by discerning straights and corners.

The high back wing (officially called a lane wing) steals many of a spotlight, though a front underwing is usually as important. Made of CO fiber, a front underwing sits flush with a undercarriage to supplement downforce though not drag. Meanwhile, a manually tractable carbon-fiber back wing is bolted to a support and works in and with a decklid spoiler. Combined, a back and front wings yield 950 pounds of downforce during 202 mph (the tip speed for high-winged ZR1s). Chevy also put a lot of bid in adding character to a back wing, mimicking pattern cues from a C7’s wing.

If straight-line speed is some-more your thing, afterwards you’ll need a low “street” wing. The Corvette used a travel wing when it determined a ZR1’s tip speed of 212 mph during a lane in Papenburg, Germany.

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