2019 BMW Z4 M40i Exterior Design Fully Leaked [UPDATE]

[UPDATE, Aug 12] As promised, Instagram user liucunyi has posted another leak. Shown below, a two-in-one picture reveals a Z4’s neat derriere and side profile. The “M40i” badge confirms a initial camber of this being a flagship version.


August 23 will be a day when BMW will strictly betray a next-generation Z4, though someone on Instagram fervent to uncover us a roadster a small bit progressing has posted an picture of a camo-free front fascia.

The peculiarity of a picture competence not be a best and a angle from that it was taken is not ideal, though this is by distant a best demeanour during a production-ready Z4 famous by BMW aficionados by a “G29” codename. Having seen final year’s concept, copiousness of view shots, and a some-more new obvious leaks, a final pattern is not what we would call a large surprise, though even so it’s good to finally see a droptop though any arrange of disguise.

The final pattern doesn’t utterly compare a fad of a showcar graphic below, that had extremely sleeker headlights and a some-more assertive front bumper. The hood also lacks a comely vents of a concept, while a side counterpart caps are extremely incomparable as you’d come to design from a prolongation model. In a uncanny way, some competence contend a Z4 looks like a Fiat 124 Spider with BMW’s kidney grille, though we’re certain it will demeanour improved in central shots.

Discover a new Z4:

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We could really good be looking during a range-topping Z4 M40i teased by BMW a integrate of months ago. The automobile appears to underline an collection of silken black accents not usually on a far-reaching grille, though also around a vents of a bumper.

Technical specifications are hidden in poser during this point, though reports are observant a U.S. indication will be accessible in a aforementioned M40i guise and a obtuse sDrive30i various powered by a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine. BMWBLOG is stating a bottom indication will cost a small over $50,000 and will go on sale Mar subsequent year, with a six-cylinder indication to cost anywhere from $65,000 to roughly $70,000 once it will arrive about a month later.

The top-spec indication with a 3.0-liter engine hereditary from other M40i models will allegedly furnish 382 horsepower in a U.S. indication and usually about 335 hp in a European Z4. The large disproportion has to do with emissions laws on a aged continent forcing BMW to implement a particulate filter and make other changes in sequence to sell a soft-top roadster. In both cases, torque is rumored to mount during 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters).

Don’t reason your exhale for a primer gearbox as it is believed BMW will sell a new Z4 exclusively with an eight-speed involuntary delivery engineered by ZF. On a flip side, an electronically tranquil limited-slip differential will come as customary equipment.

Getting behind to a trickle during hand, a Instagram user mentions some-more will follow forward of a car’s central exhibit during Pebble Beach, so watch this space for serve divulgence shots of a 2019 Z4.

Source: liucunyi / Instagram

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