2019 Aston Martin Vantage: Some things borrowed, all new

“No some-more Russian dolls,” Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer told me after I’d spent a day behind a circle of a new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, a company’s initial new indication to strike a marketplace given a recover of a all-new DB11 final year.

With that elementary statement, Palmer is creation a few things clear. First, he’s acknowledging one of a categorical criticisms levied opposite a aged Aston Martin: that a cars were usually a tiny too samey. And second? He’s observant Aston went out of a approach to make a new Vantage a decidely opposite savage from a DB11.

That’s not an easy task, deliberation a dual models share tools of a same chassis, cessation and even a motor. The substructure is a same, nonetheless for a Vantage, Andy Palmer and his group have combined something utterly opposite indeed. More importantly, they’ve combined something utterly good.

A opposite path

You usually have to demeanour during a new Vantage once to comprehend that this is meant to be an edgier choice than a iconic DB series. Where a DB11 has some refinement to a lines and a clever curtsy to a predecessors, a Vantage figure is new and aggressive, starting with a tone we see here: Lime Essence.

2018 Aston Martin Vantage

What competence sound like a light, citrusy splash is indeed a splendid shade of yellow that’s left on a neon-green poison trip, picking adult a spirit of lead along a way. It looks definitely fantastic — and generally did in a scarcely drab conditions during a contrast in Portugal. Aston’s Palmer conspicuous a tone was intentionally meant to “shock,” maybe a final pull for someone on a blockade between this and a DB11.

Where a DB11 is meant to be a 2+2 grand tourer, delivering a peaceful adequate ride, copiousness of storage and a set of back seats for tiny children (or adults we don’t like too much), a Vantage is a some-more eloquent sports car. Those token back seats are gone, a cessation (though a same configuration) is stiffer and a empty is noticeably louder.

But really, it’s that extraneous that competence be a biggest departure. Up front you’ll find not a heading Aston grille, nonetheless instead an noisy mouth set to scratch downforce from a highway ahead. At a rear, a Vantage sports a conspicuous duck-bill spoiler along with a large back diffuser sneaking underneath a bumper.

The outcome is a distant some-more eloquent demeanour than a DB11’s, a demeanour that’s matched by a drive.


503 RWD horsepower in a sleet on a lane is an sparkling proposition. 

Max Earey/Aston Martin

Behind a wheel

My dual days with a Vantage were injured by some of a misfortune rains seen in Portugal in months, clever adequate to inundate roads, satisfy stone slides and make a locals shrug apologetically. Not ideal contrast conditions for sampling a best that Aston’s best has to offer, nonetheless still copiousness of event to learn what sets this automobile apart.

My brief event started on a epic circuit during Portimao, a place with adequate blind, off-camber corners to satisfy motorist fear on a best of days. In a soppy it’s a correct handful, and so is a Vantage. With 503 horsepower delivered to a back wheels by a same eight-speed involuntary as in a DB11, a traction control was operative hard.

If we listened we plaint a bit during a discuss of an involuntary with a torque-converter in a automobile like this, know that we tend toward a same reaction. In this case, though, a well-spoken shifts of a involuntary were indeed a help. we was means to squeeze another rigging mid-corner in a soppy yet fear that a rifle-like upshift competence upset a car. While a DCT would be quicker, it would be harsher, and this involuntary is frequency lethargic.

Besides, while Aston member fell brief of confirming that there will be a Vantage with a correct primer transmission, they squandered no event explaining how a core console would be reconfigured to make room for a shifter when one is added. So, there we have it: if we unequivocally hatred autos, there’s (almost certainly) a primer entrance for you.

Meanwhile, it’s roughly unfit to find error with a motor. Say what we will about a Mercedes-sourced German heart in a British body, a AMG 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 is still epic. While it doesn’t sing like a V12, conjunction does it have a same call here as it does in Mercedes guise, giving a own, distinctive, evocative sound. If you’re tough of conference we can choice a louder competition exhaust, nonetheless a batch section is copiousness randy. Lag is minimal and torque is sublime, some-more than adequate to repress a Pirelli P-Zero tires during a rear.

Though we indispensable to be peaceful on a right pedal, a Vantage’s stop feel is a outrageous alleviation over a soft, long-throw in a initial DB11. The change paddles, too, feel distant some-more certain than other car’s flappier ones.

Out on a slight and devious roads surrounding Portimao, that were even some-more damp, we was means to get a improved feel for a front finish of a car, that reacts with some-more punch and zeal than a DB11. However, torrential rains and claustrophobic prominence singular a feedback — and my confidence.

Wet or dry, a disproportion in cessation tuning is clear. Even on a many peaceful environment of “Sport” a Vantage is a bit of a oppressive mistress, informing we of each highway imperfection. Crank adult a cessation to Track mode and it’s definitely intolerable on a street. we don’t mind, nonetheless where a adaptive cessation on many supercars can pitch from scrupulously peaceful to undisguised racy, a Vantage stops good brief of that initial benchmark, pulling it nonetheless serve from a some-more touring-friendly sibling, a DB11.


Vantage has a top-shelf interior that’s copiousness ample for two, nonetheless has no room for a kids.

Max Earey/Aston Martin

And that’s a bit of a contrition since a interior is a ideally excellent place to cover miles. The seats, nonetheless some-more understanding than those in DB11, are utterly peaceful and there’s copiousness of leg, shoulder and headroom for most, even while wearing with a helmet. There’s even a case large adequate for a customary dual bags of clubs, and a satisfactory few storage cubbies and even cupholders. No glove box, though. 

When it comes to technology, a Vantage offers a same infotainment complement as found in a new DB11. That, like a motor, was borrowed some-more or reduction indiscriminate from Mercedes-Benz, where it’s called COMAND. It’s not a latest season of that system, nor indeed a many extensive on a highway with a miss of support for Android Auto, nonetheless it’s still miles forward of what was found in a final Vantage iteration.


Though we confess we had hopes for some some-more poignant framework dimension changes between a Vantage and a DB11, Aston’s initial dual new models unequivocally do mount serve detached than a DB9 did from a several derivatives over a years. The Vantage drives as aggressively as it looks, and while many will see it as a bit too oppressive in possibly of those aspects, that’s kind of a idea. And if it’s too noisy for you, Andy Palmer has a DB11 he’d adore to get we into. 

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