2019 Aston Martin DB11 Test Drive Review: Making You Cool, Even If You’re Not

Unlike a GT-R or Hellcat, a DB11 doesn’t only go fast, it oozes luxury. Aston has chucked in a few tech toys to make a DB11 feel modern, yet it isn’t utterly as modernized as many of a German oppulance coupes. My tester was versed with ventilated front seats for $1,595, contrariety stitching for $570, and a record package for $3,817. Along with a few other options, a as-tested cost came to $234,714.

On a pendulum of competition and luxury, a DB11 leans some-more towards sport. The float is copiousness smooth, though there is a satisfactory bit of highway sound from a tires. Don’t come into a DB11 awaiting a silent, bank safe knowledge since we won’t find it here. Even with double-paned potion windows, a DB11 falls brief of rivals like a Bentley Continental GT and Lexus LC. On a other hand, a DB11 is some-more gentle than cars like a Jaguar F-Type and Chevrolet Corvette.

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