2019 Alfa Romeo GTV – what we know so far

2019 Alfa Romeo GTV engines

At a heart of a GTV’s engine operation will be a same 197bhp and 276bhp 2.0-litre petrol engines that are on offer in a Giulia, as good as a 503bhp V6 petrol in a Quadrifoglio version. Interestingly, however, Alfa Romeo is also building a amiable hybrid-style appetite liberation system, that will concede appetite routinely mislaid in braking to be harvested and used to support a engine in acceleration. Only higher-powered versions of a GTV are set to underline a technology, that is pronounced to boost a Quadrifoglio version’s outlay to 641bhp for brief bursts – such a figure will give a GTV some-more power, briefly, than McLaren’s 570S sports car.

2019 Alfa Romeo GTV interior

Inside, a GTV is approaching to be roughly matching in terms of dashboard blueprint to a unchanging Giulia, featuring a same 8.8in infotainment complement tranquil by a rotary dial on a centre console. The same Super, Speciale, Veloce and Quadrifoglio trim levels should be offered, too. In a unchanging Giulia, we suggest upgrading to Super trim since of a additional interior oppulance it brings, along with part-leather seats and wheel-mounted paddles for a eight-speed involuntary gearbox.

Although a GTV will offer 4 seats, design a back dais to be best left for children and smaller adults on brief journeys.

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