2018 Volvo XC60s Touchscreen Is More Logical

CARS.COM — At a 2017 New York International Auto Show earlier this month, Volvo told us it had softened a multimedia arrangement in a redesigned 2018 XC60 SUV, and a changes weren’t usually for a new SUV. The XC90, S90 and V90 also have identical updates. The V90 isn’t on sale yet, though if we possess an XC90 or S90 though a updates, we can get them for free.

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The changes volume to a program update, Volvo orator Jim Nichols told Cars.com. Icons will go in “more judicious spaces,” while incomparable rise sizes urge visibility.

“There isn’t a change in estimate energy as distant as hardware is concerned,” Nichols said. “It is usually in software. It is a realignment of a user interface so things such as when we open adult a navigation screen, a icons are to a left, and they’re incomparable and color-coded, as well.”

With a update, a navigation system’s map perspective will occupy some-more space on a 9.2-inch displays — the same complement in a XC90, S90, V90 and redesigned XC60, Nichols said. Owners of a existent XC90 (2016-17) or S90 (2017) can get a giveaway refurbish during a dealership, he added. The new XC60 gets it off a bat.

The XC90’s touchscreen initially tender us, as did the automobile itself. But when we bought an XC90 and owned it for a year as partial of a long-term exam fleet, a shade had a share of glitches, many noticeably a bent to lag on startup. It’s misleading if these changes help.

“We’re operative on it,” Nichols pronounced of a startup lag. “I do know there are lots of improvements entrance with this interface. we haven’t seen it in a prolongation car. So we know that shortening that boot-up time is a high priority, though we don’t know if it’s been impacted in this refurbish so far.”

We won’t know for certain until we get into a new XC60 or another Volvo with a updated screen. Stay tuned.

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