2018 Volvo XC60 vs 2018 BMW X3 M40i

Volvo has been on tip of a universe (literally, as a brand’s HQ in Gothenburg is a farthest North of all automakers) delivering appealing cars that are fuel efficient, protected and overwhelming to demeanour at.

The XC60 is a some-more mainstream bid entering a renouned shred that’s full of some of a best cars in a industry. It’s won a garland of awards, including a World Car of a Year and a North American Utility Vehicle of a Year. It was also a clever contender in a possess application automobile of a year award. But to see how it unequivocally stacks up, we brought along a long-time tip collect in a segment, a BMW X3.

The BMW X3 has been around for a few years and offers a unequivocally permitted BMW oppulance experience. It’s spacious, high-tech and promises to be something some-more than usually an apparatus in a M40i trim that we have on palm for testing. It competence usually demeanour like another BMW application vehicle, yet underneath it’s got a lot some-more going for it.

Trim Level Touble

But a XC60 is no slouch. We have it in a sporty R-Design guise and there are a few sum that give it divided as such, over a badges. Matte china counterpart caps are a outrageous tell, as are a large 19-inch wheels, fender integrated tailpipes, and dim coloured grille.

Those all accent a unequivocally appealing looking car. The XC60 is tough to miss, yet also easy on a eyes, a tough balancing act in this universe of over-sized grilles, furious angles and faux, four-door “coupes.” It always fits in while looking like a star.

Typically, a same goes for a interior. In opposite trim levels, a XC60 boasts a pleasing cabin, with light, tawny materials and timber trim that looks plucked from a George Clooney of trees. The R-Design indication doesn’t have this kind of catwalk of fashion-forward interior design. Instead, it has dim black leather seating and waste steel accents. Yes, a seats are soothing and comfortable, yet a dim thesis doesn’t showcase a XC60’s typically overwhelming interior. Volvo says that this is partial of a “driver focused” mantra of a R-Design. Personally, we like a crafted feel of a leather seats and steering wheel. It’s transparent that another trim spin of a XC60 would be a improved illustration of a vehicle.

Minimalist Cabin is Feature Filled

And a few buttons that are in a cabin are pleasing and feel good built. But those are singular interactions. Instead, many of a interactions with a automobile engage a 9-inch touchscreen, that is splendid and attractive, nonetheless clunky to use during times interjection to a few too many nested menus and tiny text. Instead, we found a 12.3-inch digital lurch to be easy to review and unequivocally useful, arrangement even map and navigation information with ease. That, along with a head-up display, means that a Volvo is always arrangement we critical information, and that seems like a good conditions to be in, as prolonged as we don’t get impressed with all that data!

The cabin is feature-filled, nonetheless not in a same approach as a BMW. I’d suggest a Bowers and Wilkins sound system, that is a bit pricey, yet oh so special sounding while also providing neat looking orator grilles that supplement some much-needed celebrity to a cabin. The automobile also packs exhilarated seats all around, a exhilarated steering circle and four-zone meridian control.

There’s a ton of space for passengers and all their stuff. Rear chair occupants will find some-more legroom in a Volvo than a BMW, and with a seats in place, a Volvo has an additional cubic feet of storage in a box compared to a X3.

Shabby Shifts and Steering

It’s a poetic place to be, yet a few tools of a Volvo could do with some tuning, privately in terms of how it drives. The 316-horsepower twin-charged engine is well-spoken and still (traits that a few AutoGuide “editors” deemed tedious and drab,) and provides it’s 295 lb-ft of torque in a unequivocally linear manner. The approach that Volvo engineered this 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to yield that many energy in such a polished approach is noteworthy, yet we found a delivery to be a awkward dance partner. A few too many severe rigging changes were noticed, and we were wondering if a automobile was in a some-more assertive “dynamic” mode when it was in a ostensible “comfort” setting.

Hurting a Volvo’s delight cause is a steering setup, that is laughably light. It’s numb, and synthetic feeling, providing an unconnected, digital feel that is too lax for a preferences. Changing a expostulate modes helps a bit, yet not entirely. Picking and selecting particular settings can assistance make a automobile settle into something reasonable and healthy feeling. The cessation is singly tuned for this R-Design model, yet it’s a distant cry from a buttoned-down and clearly sporty feel that a BMW has.

Quiet and comforting

Rounding out a XC60 is a accessibility and efficacy of a several motorist assistance and reserve systems. As partial of a brand’s efforts to safeguard no one gets severely harm in a Volvo by 2020, a systems are unequivocally modernized and yield a lot of certainty on a road. The adaptive journey control and line gripping assistance miscarry your pushing quietly and smoothly, yet any sudden change in a feeling of who’s in control. we like a parking assistance as well, that provides a poetic 360-degree perspective of a car’s surroundings.

Ringing in during $59,190 USD or $68,565 CAD, a Volvo is a gold of good pieces and things that could be better. It’s still a estimable automobile and good purchase, simply for a good styling, well-spoken engine, and high-tech assistance features, yet those looking for a some-more enchanting expostulate and improved clarification of oppulance competence find accurately that in a BMW X3 M40i.

Compare Specs

2018 BMW X3 M40i
2018 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design
2018 BMW X3 M40i
2018 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design
Engine 3.0L Turbo-6 – 2.0L Twincharged-4Output 355 hp, 369 lb-ft X3 316 hp, 295 lb-ftTransmission 8-Speed Auto – Trunk space (seats up) 28.7 cubic-feet XC60 29.7 cubic-feetTrunk space (seats folded)62.7-cubic-feet X3 50.6 cubic-feetRear Seat headroom 38.5-inches X3 38-inchesRear Seat legroom 36.4-inches XC60 38-inchesFuel Economy (MPG) 20 city, 27 highway, 23 sum – 21 city, 27 highway, 23 combinedFuel Economy (l/100kms) 11.7 city, 8.6 highway, 10.3 sum – 11.4 city, 8.7 highway, 10.2 combinedPrice as tested (USD) $65,420 XC60 $59,190Price as tested (USD) $77,140 XC60 $68,565

X3 With Great First Impressions

The initial and many superb sense from a BMW is how it sounds, accelerates and drives. Under a hood is a turbocharged straight-six engine that creates 355 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. The delta in energy is usually a dollop on a dossier, yet we can feel it on a road. Highway speeds arrive in 4.8-seconds, while a Volvo will do a same scurry in usually over 5 and a half seconds. The bearing feels good and it’s well-spoken too, as straight-sixes customarily are.

The genuine cause in this automobile comes with a transmission, a slick-shifting eight-speed section that never seems to event or make a operation famous during paltry driving. When one of a dual accessible competition modes are in use though, a automobile becomes rowdy, individualist and goofy. In other words, fun and charismatic.


You’ll hear it for sure. The straight-six burbles by an empty complement that opens adult baffles to safeguard we hear it even clearer. A few times, it’ll make we glow – banishment adult this shrill savage in a still parking lot will spin some heads and satisfy a double-take when they comprehend that a sound is entrance from a compress crossover, rather than a sporty coupe.

Oddly enough, a bigger and some-more absolute engine doesn’t humour during all in terms of fuel economy, compared to a XC60. Both cars acquire 23 MPG combined.

The engine, a transmission, and that sound are genuine achievements of a X3, yet a rest of a automobile delivers as well. The doing feel is distant some-more assured and interactive, with a steering feel that’s a sum contrariety to a Volvo’s.


The interior is also a sheer contrariety to a Volvo. While we adore a brownish-red leather upholstery, it’s a blueprint and cluttered disaster of buttons on a core console that creates us go cross-eyed. We pronounced that a BMW X3 had a buttoned-down pushing feel, yet a interior is indeed usually a garland of buttons. And while a iDrive infotainment complement is flattering easy to use, a automobile comes with a brood of nonessential facilities that are usually meant to stir your friends. That includes a 3D gesticulate control so we can change a volume of a sound complement by twirling your finger in a air, or a incense dispenser so your automobile can smell like a lavatory of a club-frequenting bachelor.

There’s no such thing as toned down in this car. There are large “X”s on a doorway panels in box we forget what automobile you’re in. Also there are copiousness of ambient lighting options to perform pronounced club-goers. Lastly there is a parking camera underline that shows a extraneous of a automobile like it’s a video feed supposing by a worker following your automobile around. Realistically we can see what’s around a automobile by usually looking out a window or mirror…

Safe and Sounds

At slightest it’s atmospheric though. Headroom and altogether load room are in preference of a BMW, and nonetheless there is usually three-zone meridian control in this automobile compared to a four-zones of atmosphere conditioning in a Volvo, a X3M facilities back window shades.

There’s one some-more contrariety between a dual cars, and that’s with a motorist assistance and reserve features. The X3 has many of a same systems, like adaptive journey control, line keep support and blind mark monitoring, yet they are unequivocally sensitive, that leads to lots of beeping. Additionally, in a active systems, a approach a automobile takes control can be sudden and jerky.

The Verdict: 2018 Volvo XC60 vs 2018 BMW X3 M40i

With a cost tab of $65,420 USD or $77,140 CAD, definition it’s a pricier collect over a Volvo. While we fun that this is a cost of all those earthy buttons and gimmicky features, a BMW is indeed a better, some-more dull automobile than a XC60. What’s some-more is that BMW has addressed a vital critique of a past “sport activity vehicle” by delivering a automobile that has celebrity and charisma. The Volvo is a outrageous jump for a brand, yet still has to find another rigging before it’s deliberate a loyal equal with a likes of BMW.  

2018 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design


  • Great extraneous design
  • High tech cabin
  • Driver assistance and reserve features
  • Affordable


  • Light steering
  • Bland interior
  • Lacks excitement

2018 BMW X3 M40i


  • Crazy sounding, absolute engine
  • Spacious trunk
  • Smooth and polished powertrain
  • Great highway feel


  • Pricey
  • Button filled interior
  • Anonymous look
  • Gimmicky features

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