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One of a best tools about being an automotive publisher is impressing your friends with a cold ride. we gathering my best gal pals to a cinema in a 2018 Volvo XC60 and as we were looking for travel parking, we pushed a park support button. When a Volvo found a suitable place to park, we stopped, placed a automobile in retreat and let it expostulate itself into a together spot. The examination immediately stopped and Melissa exclaimed, “Wait… did a automobile usually park itself?”

Yes. Perfectly.

The XC60 is Volvo’s latest crossover, though a association has already sole over 1 million units given a indication was initial introduced 9 years ago. This midsize charity is accessible in bottom Momentum trim, sport-focused R-Drive or fine Inscription. You also get your choice of 3 energy trains, including a turbocharged T5 or a turbocharged and supercharged T6 engine. However, a plug-in T8 electric hybrid, featured here, is a energy sight to get.

2018 Volvo XC60

Bam! Hammer of Thor headlights lookin’ true during ya!

Emme Hall/Roadshow

This singular T8 engine utilizes a supercharger during reduce rpms and a turbocharger during aloft revs to force some-more atmosphere into a explosion chamber, producing some-more power. By supercharging first, a motorist never has to wait for a turbo to bobbin up. Instead, energy smoothness is unchanging no matter where a engine is in a energy band. It’s a flattering neat trick.

The further of a 87-horsepower electric engine brings sum complement outlay adult to 400 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. For those gripping score, those numbers best a Jaguar F-Pace S and Mercedes-AMG GLC43, relating a Porsche Macan Turbo in horsepower while providing 66 pound-feet some-more twist.

A 10.4-kWh battery is mounted in a core tunnel, so a hybrid doesn’t remove many interior space in propinquity to a non-hybrid counterparts. It can be charged regulating a customary 110v or 220v domicile opening or during a 200v open charging station, reaching full-tilt boogie in about 2.5 hours. Or if we cite to never block a thing in, a gas engine charges a battery as well, though doing so isn’t as efficient. The T8 hybrid has an EPA fuel rating of 56 MPGe or 26 mpg with reward gas. When compared with a low mid-twenties total rating of a T5 and T6 engine, a hybrid is looking flattering damn good.

New self-driving features

Steer Assist comes to a XC60 for 2018. If a mechanism detects a motorist attempting an shy scheme to equivocate attack an intent from a front, a XC60 will make a spin as effective as probable by braking a middle wheels, adding steering submit and afterwards braking a outward wheels after a scheme to settle a chassis. I’m not crazy adequate to speed toward a still intent to exam this underline for you, dear reader, so we will usually contend that a inclusion of this record is partial of a company’s joining to 0 deaths or critical injuries in a new Volvo by 2020.

Taking a burst into a tech of a 2018 Volvo XC60

Volvo ups a reserve tech in a latest midsize crossover.

by Emme Hall

Also new this year is Oncoming Lane Mitigation, a underline regulating a forward-facing camera to examination line markers and a radar to detect coming cars. If a motorist inadvertently drifts onto a wrong side of a highway and into a trail of an coming car, a XC60 can expostulate itself behind into a scold lane. Again, I’m not dauntless adequate to deliberately deposit into coming trade to exam a technology, though it’s one some-more turn of reserve other companies have nonetheless to match.

Similar record is during work in Volvo’s new blind-spot monitoring system. If a motorist does not mind a system’s warnings and attempts to change lanes in front of a automobile coming from a rear, a XC60 will expostulate itself behind into a scold lane. While I’m not gentle barreling toward a walking or pushing on a wrong side of a road, we had no problem behaving a slight line deposit for a consequence of this review. The record intervened kindly after a visible warning and heard warning. It was conjunction jarring nor surprising, and is certain to be a bonus in California, where motorcyclists mostly separate lanes and clearly seem out of nowhere.

However, it is a Pilot Assist II adaptive journey control that unequivocally won me over. My daily invert by a Bay Area is notoriously bad, compounded by a stop-and-go pang that is a wait during a Bay Bridge. Pilot Assist II puts all that to rest, bringing a automobile to a finish stop behind a lead vehicle, with a brief postponement before disengaging. A discerning daub on a gas or crack of a resume symbol gets things going again. Pilot Assist II even keeps a automobile centered in a lane. It’s so good that we found myself digging in my bag for my phone to check email while a automobile did a complicated work. A warning from a lurch reminded me that we was still in assign of a automobile and to put my damn hands on a circle where they belong. Drivers still need to compensate attention, though Pilot Assist II helps make stop-and-go pushing as protected and stress-free as possible.

2018 Volvo XC60

And don’t consider a Volvo is a one-trick reserve pony. It’s got a products when it comes to interior tech, as well. The updated user interface debuting on a XC60’s 9-inch Sensus Connect touchscreen includes tweaked menus, color-coded tiles and bigger fonts. It’s easy to use and superintuitive and even works while wearing gloves, nonetheless it did seem a bit delayed to foot up. we once counted scarcely 15 seconds before a navigation was prepared for inputs. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, though conjunction will take over a whole screen. This creates it easy to entrance a local navigation, media and Bluetooth phone while still carrying all your smartphone goodies nearby. 4G LTE connectivity and a WiFi hotspot are also included, though we was unhappy that a automobile with such a sharp interface usually had dual USB ports, both located in a core armrest.

Behind a wheel, opening is engaging, with a aforementioned T8 energy sight providing clever and unchanging acceleration. While all-wheel expostulate is standard, a complement is inequitable toward a front wheels. The mechanism distributes energy to a front wheels underneath normal pushing conditions, though can send adult to 50 percent of a engine’s torque to a behind if necessary.

2018 Volvo XC60

Drive to a beach though ever touching a brakes, interjection to a Pilot Assist II adaptive journey control system. 

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The eight-speed involuntary delivery puts energy down fast and with minimal fuss. And yes, there are opposite pushing modes. The fun is in Power mode, that turns off a electronic fortitude control and sets steering and braking to their many dynamic. The XC60 can energy out of turns with a bit of hustle, interjection to that small present boost of electric torque.

The default Hybrid mode is like a comfort setting, providing a best brew of fuel efficiency, opening and float quality, though even here a float is engaging, giving clever and unchanging acceleration. Select Pure mode for limit eco-efficiency and an all-electric operation of 25 miles during speeds adult to 78 miles per hour.

Slippery conditions can be met with All-Wheel Drive mode, that puts a energy from a gas-powered engine to a front wheels while energy from a electric engine to a rear. There’s even an Off Road mode that works during low speeds on severe roads. If nothing of those tickles your fancy, we can dial in your possess settings in a Individual mode.

2018 Volvo XC60

There is unequivocally some fun to be had from a Swedish crossover.


My exam indication had a discretionary air-suspension complement with involuntary leveling and tallness adjustment. Cruise down a highway during 75 miles per hour and a XC60 will seat down scarcely a half inch. Increase that speed to 112 mph and a float tallness lowers a parasite more, all in a name of softened aerodynamics and efficiency.

The atmosphere cessation kept physique hurl in check, and a XC60 tucked into turns easily on a curvy behind roads of a Bay Area. we privately cite a small some-more weight in a steering, though many folks should be satisfied. The regenerative brakes are a bit huffy and take some removing used to, though that’s unequivocally my usually censure from behind a wheel.

There are usually a few other midsize crossovers that yield as many fun behind a wheel. The lower-priced Mazda CX-5 comes to mind immediately, though it’s brief on technical features. The Audi Q5 is labelled similarly, though is also down on energy when compared with a T8. You could also demeanour to a risque Jaguar F-Pace or to a Porsche Macan, both providing copiousness of pushing thrills, though sans any hybrid technology.

How I’d spec it

Considering a Pilot Assist II is partial of a $2,200 package and that a T8 engine is an $11,400 premium, I’d start with a bottom Momentum trim for $41,500. I’d also supplement a Vision Package for $1,100 to get unconstrained parking and blind mark monitoring. Lastly, a four-corner atmosphere cessation would supplement another $1,800 and if you’re an audiophile, a $3,200 Bowers Wilkins sound complement is pricey though excellent, charity speakers that can impersonate anything from a sound studio to a vast unison hall.

As it stands, Volvo sent me a top-of-the-line Inscription indication with a T8 engine, starting during $56,700. With a $5,002 sovereign taxation incentive, a bottom cost is brought down to $47,898, a bit of a burst from a bottom Momentum with a T5 engine, during $41,500 or a Momentum T6, that goes for $44,900. Still, a XC60 T8 is value-packed with many customary reserve facilities and a glorious hybrid engine, creation a XC60 T8 a sub-$50,000 oppulance midsize crossover that’s fun, and safe, to drive.

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