2018 Volvo XC60 T8 long-term review, partial seven

IT LOOKS, it has to be said, somewhat ridiculous, and usually a small perilous. The far-reaching white posterior of a XC60 hustles left, afterwards right, as Wheels emissary editor Andy Enright hurls it adult a rambling towering highway during 10 tenths, physique hurl and squealing Pirellis doing small to delayed his rate of progress.

I’m following closely behind in a Ferrari 812 Superfast, examination in amused overpower as subsequent to me, photographer Nathan Jacobs asks in a undetermined voice, “That is a family SUV, right?”

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Welcome to a corkscrew-esque square of tarmac that runs adult from a Thomson Dam fountainhead in Gippsland, Vic, and to a glance into subsequent month’s underline expostulate of a 812SF.

The Volvo is along as a support car, partly since it has sublimely comfy seats and a large foot to projection camera rigging about, yet mostly since we wanted to give my reliable long-termer one final drive; a balls-out farewell on some of Victoria’s best pushing roads before it heads behind to Volvo HQ. That’s right; carrying assigned these pages for 7 serene, incident-free months, this is a final time you’ll review about DQC55W. I’m some-more than a bit unhappy about that.

It’s a intangibles that detached a good cars from a merely unequivocally good. The fact my XC60 has proven to be a delight of comfort, wrapping and potency is no genuine surprise. It is a reigning COTY after all. What’s set it detached during a army in a Wheels garage are a things that are harder to measure. 

The clarity of peculiarity flushed by a cabin, for instance, not usually from a materials and how good it’s screwed together, yet by a pleasing and singly Scandinavian design. It’s also intensely good insulated. Road and tyre sound are easily suppressed and in EV mode, it verges on tranquil, a overpower and comfort frequency uneasy by bad highway surfaces notwithstanding huge 21-inch wheels (providing we parasite a $2500 choice for atmosphere suspension).

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In many ways it feels a discord of a German aspirant set. Where a BMW or Audi can feel ardent or austere, a XC60 is warm, textural and to my eyes, a deeply appealing SUV, inside and out.

And afterwards there’s a ability to surprise. With Enright turfed out, we stand in for a final blast along a jinking exam route, a expostulate mode switched to Power, this month’s fuel series thrown to a wind. It’s brutally proficient when pedalled hard. Push it right to a corner and there’s no evading a 2174kg heft, or a exhale of bodyroll as a weight transfers, yet a steering is accurate (if remote), and a roadholding steadfast. The approach it obliterates mid-corner bumps is enormously considerable too, a cessation simply pulsation them into acquiescence yet upsetting a change or knocking we off line.

There is an underlying clarity that it’s a automobile we admire some-more than we suffer during ten-tenths, yet what we remove in ultimate energetic tie we some-more than make adult in bland usability and comfort.

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It’s an imposingly well-rounded package, this XC60, yet no automobile is perfect. At this connection it’s normal rehearse for a Wheels publisher to enclose their product formulation shawl and to polish musical about what they’d change on their long-termer to urge it.

My usually doubt symbol surrounds a value tender of a T8 powertrain. There’s no jealous a potency (see breakout, above left), or a palliate and premonition with that it combines a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-litre 4 with an eight-speed involuntary and a 10.4kWh battery-powered motor.

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But is it unequivocally value a $16K reward over a likewise specced T6 R-Design, that uses a same high-output four-pot, sans a electric gubbins? Even if a T6 uses twice a fuel, it’d take some-more than 6 years to replenish a initial cost during a bowser. As most as I’ve enjoyed a battery pack’s thriftiness and free muscle, if it was my money, I’m not certain I’d open for a operation topper.

Still, 7 months with a reigning COTY has finished zero to criticise a evidence that Volvo has combined a best reward mid-size SUV we can buy. If anything, it’s galvanised it.

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