2018 Volvo XC60 T6 First Ride: No Swedish Fishiness Here, Only Goodness

Surströmming, as those who’ve walked on a furious side in Sweden know, is fermented herring. Typically canned, a internal sweetmeat produces indelicately sharp aromas when a wrapping is opened. In one way, Volvo’s XC90 SUV, S90 sedan, and V90 car were like cans of surströmming: When yanked from chains and bearing underneath a noses of a public, they done a clever impression. But in a box of a Volvos, a impressions were mostly good.

The one-size-smaller XC60 is Volvo’s tellurian tip seller, and a Swedes are about to launch an all-new, many some-more stylish 2018 indication into a compress oppulance SUV/crossover segment, one of autodom’s hottest. Volvo needs it to have a identical splashy impact to a 2015 attainment of a XC90. After a brief float in a 2018 XC60 during Volvo’s Hällered exam line in Sweden, we found small reason to doubt that it has a intensity to do accurately that.

No Red Herring Here

Dimensionally, a new XC60’s 112.8-inch wheelbase is 4.7 inches shorter than a XC90’s though 3.6 inches longer than that of a aged model, directly benefiting rear-seat space. With no pushing duties, we had copiousness of time to weigh a newcomer spaces. The formerly parsimonious abaft buliding now simply accommodate dual people; there is copiousness of legroom, knee room, and headroom, and a front seats are mounted high, withdrawal toe space galore. Externally, a XC60 usually plain looks bigger than a predecessor, with a prolonged hood, a some-more honest greenhouse, and clipped front and behind overhangs.

The 2018 XC60 is some-more large interjection to Volvo’s new pattern language, that incorporates a Thor’s Hammer laterally T-shaped LED headlight garnishes, kindly undulating buffer bulges, and perplexing taillights. We consider it is one of a many appealing entries in a segment, simply in a hunt with a Jaguar F-Pace. And a Volvo’s interior is as stylish as they come. Its altogether pattern mimics that of a incomparable XC90, with a same plumb oriented touchscreen bisecting a plane scallop that includes a sign cluster and all 4 front-seat HVAC vents. Up close, a dashboard detailing isn’t as elaborate as that in a XC90, nonetheless a materials are upscale and lend a cabin a generally lush air. The front seats we did experience—we sampled a accessible massaging, 10-way power-adjustable chairs—are really comfortable, while a rears underline a good pillow tallness and discretionary heating elements, nonetheless they have no recline adjustment.

Under a appealing Scandinavian wardrobe is Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), a same height that underpins a XC90, S90, and V90. The cessation blueprint is atypical for a class, with control arms adult front and a multilink behind arrangement. Coil springs and required dampers are customary transport for a front axle, while a behind also sits on normal dampers though gets a combination cross root open identical to a XC90’s. Air springs and electronically tractable dampers for all 4 corners are optional, and a XC60s we rode in had this equipment.

Entering a Swedish Thunderdome

The new and softened XC60 comes together flattering good in motion, given that a baseline—the aged XC60—was 8 years aged by a time Volvo switched a prolongation line to start churning out a new one. At a Hällered facility, Volvo stranded us in a newcomer chair of an XC60 with an worker during a circle and sent us out to play on a high-speed oval, an off-road section, a parsimonious highway course, and several highway surfaces mimicking all from L.A.’s 405 turnpike to an English nation road.

We should mention that we rode usually in an XC60 T6 Inscription, which, decoded, means a top-of-the-line trim turn with a second many absolute engine, a 316-hp turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter inline-four. A bottom Momentum also is offered, as good as a sporty-looking R-Design; all 3 trims can be total with a entry-level 250-hp T5 powertrain (a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder), a aforementioned T6, or a T8 plug-in hybrid, that marries a T6’s engine with an electric engine and a lithium-ion battery for a total 400 horsepower. At slightest initially, each XC60 will have all-wheel expostulate as standard; a usually delivery choice is an Aisin eight-speed automatic.

During a ride, we looked for signs of alleviation in a XC60’s float quality, that formerly could be many charitably described as “firm.” Despite roving on 20-inch wheels, a air-sprung 2018 XC60 was particularly some-more comfortable, though a spirit of floppiness or squish. The cessation tuning, even in a default Comfort mode (in further to Dynamic, Off Road, and Eco settings), earnings tighter physique control and some-more totalled circle control over bumps and ruts than a XC90’s identical setup, notwithstanding carrying an altogether firmer feel. We’re told that advancements schooled in tuning a XC60 eventually will make their approach behind into a XC90.

At speed, a XC60’s cabin is still though not utterly Lexus quiet. Our motorist even took a XC60 adult to an indicated 147 mph on Volvo’s high-speed oval, during that breeze rush became a widespread sound generator. The atmosphere springs automatically discourage between 0.4 and 0.8 in. during speed for incomparable fortitude and softened aerodynamics; that can turn a full-time turn by selecting a Dynamic expostulate mode. Alternatively, a cessation can lift itself 1.5 inches in Off Road mode; doing so authorised a motorist to tackle some boulder-strewn trails in Hällered and to deplane a heartless set of “stairs” on that Volvo famously debuted a strange XC90’s capabilities behind in 2003. We figure this is about as many off-roading as any new-generation XC60 will ever undertake. What this means for Joe or Jane Customer is that a Volvo can hoop flattering many anything they competence never ask of it.

As in other new Volvos, some snarl from a Drive-E four-cylinder engine can dig a cabin underneath assuage acceleration. In general, however, sound sources are balanced, with a tires, wind, road, and engine contributing equally to what small cabin hubbub there is. In box we haven’t pronounced so enough, we weren’t means to expostulate a XC60 ourselves. Still, we can contend that in a true line a crossover feels fleeter of feet than a XC90 sibling, mostly since it has a same powertrains with a same outputs as that larger, heavier SUV. The 400-hp T8 plug-in, in particular, promises to be utterly quick.

We’ll be means to pronounce some-more definitively to a efficiency of a XC60’s redesign when we indeed expostulate one and can directly weigh a handling, acceleration, and more. We also weren’t means to try any of a XC60’s new-to-Volvo active-safety features, including a steering-assist duty that nudges a crossover behind into a line if approaching trade is rescued or when a motorist tries to change lanes into an assigned space. For now, we can contend that we left Sweden with an appreciation for a XC60’s softened float quality, beautiful interior, and chair comfort—and this time though carrying non-stop a can of surströmming.

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