2018 Volvo XC60 or 2017 Volvo V60 Cross Country?

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Awaiting me during a airfield on my lapse moody from pushing the new XC60 in Barcelona was a somewhat lower-slung long-roof stablemate, a V60 Cross Country. That wagon-ute soldiers on for another year on a comparison Ford-shared height underpinnings before graduating to a XC60’s prohibited new SPA architecture. But a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine lineup, eight-speed involuntary transmission, and all-wheel-drive complement are flattering darned identical to a ones in a new XC60. So if your franchise is adult now and you’re antsy about watchful for XC60s to arrive after this year, competence a V60 or V60 Cross Country offer we usually as well?

For many, a preference like this will come down to how high we need to float and how critical it is for we to be seen wearing a latest automotive fashion. On a height/ground-clearance front, a XC stands 65.3 inches high with 8.5 inches of belligerent clearance, and a tallest V60 Cross Country stands 60.8 inches high with 7.9 inches of clearance. (The around-town V60 wagons are down during 58.4 and 5.4.)

As for a looks, even in a sixth indication year a lower-slung hire car physique looks flattering neat to these eyes—especially sprayed as this one is with $560 value of discretionary Twilight Bronze Metallic paint. But afterwards again, we schooled to expostulate in a hire car and am a car-scribbler, so wagon-philia comes naturally—especially if pronounced car is brown. (If it also offering a primer and a diesel, a powers of captivate to my clan would be definitely irresistible.) we could take or leave a ute-drag costume’s mistake front and behind skidplates and black circle arches (which supplement 1.4 in. to a width), though a 7.9 inches of belligerent clearway valid sufficient to tackle a prolonged rutted drive in to a construction-site summer cottage. (Normal cars all scratch their underbodies.)

The Haldex all-wheel-drive complement valid good matched to a charge of a wily three-point turnaround during a distant finish of a drive in a soupy slurry of nowhere nearby adequate sand on approach too many wet, squalid clay after what seems like a widen of Old Testament–grade rain. Systems that rest on wheelspin from a widespread spindle to rivet a supporter spindle have shaped ruts in here, though a Volvo’s complement is proactive, so it kindly managed a spin though a singular grade of rut-digging wheelspin. The XC60 would certainly have fared equally well, interjection to SPA weight detriment that erases what has been roughly a 175-pound weight disproportion between a XC60 and a V60 Cross Country.

Inside, a advantage goes to a XC60 large time in terms of aesthetics and a second-gen Sensus touchscreen, both of that are large improvements over a aged architecture’s increasingly old-fashioned array of buttons and a tiny executive screen. My behind also prefers a new design chair figure to a old, though after sampling both, my Automobile mag co-worker and pushing partner in Barcelona felt this V60’s comparison seats fit his support some-more comfortably. So your formula competence vary. The XC’s 3.6-inch-longer wheelbase also affords approach some-more stretch-out room for leggy riders in a behind seat.

Of march achieving that ample behind chair meant relocating a chair behind into a load area, that means a car now offers approach some-more load room than a ute—43.8 cubic feet to 29.7. When you’re schlepping materiel to a work site, 14.1 cubes is like a whole other sedan trunk’s value of space. The V60’s 40/20/40 folding behind chair behind is another reward a new ute misses out on. That underline authorised me to lift 5 10-foot PVC cesspool pipes while preserving 4 seating positions. The new XC60 usually provides a ski pass-through in a core position (good for maybe one or dual of my pipes). One some-more advantage for a wagon: a accessibility of child upholder seats in a second quarrel (part of a $1,550 Climate package with Child Booster Seats group). This underline is not accessible during launch on a XC60. Naturally, both load binds are given with 4 load tie-down points, any can accept Volvo appendage pet/cargo influence nets with a behind chair adult or down, and both underline roof rails that will accept Volvo appendage crossbars.

Driving pleasure ranks flattering evenly. The T5 engine is rated 10 hp reduction in a V60, though that’ll be tough to notice for many folks. Steering feel isn’t smashing on either, though both vehicles dilemma flattering flatly—the new XC60 interjection to a transition to control arms in front, and a V60 interjection to a reduce core of gravity. Safetyniks will wish to wait for a XC60’s puncture steering support and run-off-road spine-compression impediment gizmos. The V60 lacks these things, though it is differently flattering good versed on a insurance front.

Faced with selecting right this minute, I’d substantially squeeze a wagon. With a bit longer time horizon, I’d substantially wait for a SPA-grade V60—and wish a load area doesn’t cringe as many as a XC60’s did.

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