2018 Volkswagen Amarok V6 3.0 TDI Tows 42.9 Tons Worth of Tram

Tipping a beam during 2.28 tons, a Amarok with a range-topping turbo diesel also has 580 Nm (406 pound-feet) of torque. The rotational force in this focus is adequate for a mid-size pickup to draw a CAF Urbos 3, a tram that tips a beam during 42.9 tons. The feat, suspicion adult by Volkswagen of Hungary, sees a Amarok do a unfit nonetheless a wheels onslaught to find traction in a initial partial of a clip.

The promo video was filmed in Debrecen, a second largest city in Hungary after a collateral of Budapest. It’s tough to know what VW will benefit from this promo from a blurb standpoint, yet from a indicate of perspective of marketing, pulling a tram with a total weight of some-more than 18 Amarok V6 models fits a bill.

Over in Volkswagen’s home marketplace of Germany, a Amarok with a range-topping engine starts during €51,384 for a Highline trim turn and €58,072 for a Aventura. Coming as customary with 4Motion four-wheel expostulate and an eight-speed involuntary transmission, a Amarok in these dual grades blurs a line between an honest-to-God work lorry and lifestyle-oriented car dictated for adventurers.

Even yet a Amarok isn’t accessible in a United States, a peeps during Volkswagen are approaching to move a Atlas Tanoak pickup concept to a marketplace during some indicate in a future. The Atlas Cross Sport judgment has been reliable for prolongation during a Chattanooga bureau in North America in 2019, and formed on a fanciful ability of a plant, there’s room there for an MQB-based, unibody lorry as well.

If a Atlas Tanoak morphs from judgment to prolongation reality, Volkswagen will marketplace it opposite a likes of a Honda Ridgeline. Hyundai is also operative on a mid-size pickup for a U.S., previewed by a 2015 judgment called Santa Cruz.

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