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A vast engine, confidant looks, and expanded interior should keep a all-new Camry selling.

– Cleveland, OH

I’ve never accepted a Toyota Camry’s popularity. It’s not a best midsize sedan in many categories, and nonetheless it has extravagantly outsold all others for years. The latest Camry, totally redesigned for 2018, seems to be some-more of a same: some-more fluent styling, some-more power, some-more space, some-more safety, and some-more efficiency. Going by past experience, it’s protected to gamble it will get some-more sales, too.

While a new styling isn’t for everyone, including myself, a Camry offers adequate to conclude that we can see since tens of thousands of people continue to buy one any month. Truly, a usually ban censure left is that it still doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, nonetheless Toyota intends to repair that subsequent year.

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The new Camry has a starting cost of $23,495, that isn’t a lowest in a segment, yet we get what compensate for; a bottom Camry LE comes versed with customary tech, infotainment, and reserve facilities that many base-model competitors don’t.

The Camry XSE we tested, meanwhile, costs $35,333 and comes with Toyota’s new 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. You can spend even more, however, by selecting a discretionary 3.5-liter V6 engine. Still, regardless of engine, a XSE is a Camry’s new tip trim level, and it’s common these days for entirely installed midsizesize sedans to strech over thirty-five grand in price.

Toyota hasn’t played it protected with a Camry’s pattern in new years. The final few generations have been penned with an aggressively styled demeanour that never seemed to compare a four-door family automobile mission. And yet, people have continued to buy them in droves. This new pattern is a wildest one yet, generally in this sporty-looking XSE trim. Toyota does give we options, though; other trims have tamer front and back fascias.

Beauty is in a eye of a beholder, and while my eyes don’t spy a lot beauty in a Camry, we do conclude a functionality contained within a shape. The roofline, for instance, doesn’t slope into a back window until after a newcomer compartment, that provides for class-reading back chair headroom. Also, designers have pulled down a bottom of a side windows, that combats claustrophobia and aids visibility.

The new Camry’s interior is good designed and assembled with materials suitable for a cost point. That is to say, it’s no oppulance car, yet conjunction does it feel inexpensive inside. There’s decent leather on a seats, easily finished plastics, and some silken surfaces to brew things up.

Again, though, demeanour past a figure of things to find what creates a interior special: space! The Camry is a really ample sedan – among a best in a shred and behind usually a new Honda Accord. Rear-seat passengers, in particular, have a startling volume of space to widen out their limbs. Note, though, that Toyota achieved this feat, notwithstanding timorous a car’s height, by obscure a seats themselves some inches. That means a Camry might be harder to get in and out of for some people.

While Toyota has updated a Entune infotainment complement with improved graphics and snappier performance, it still looks and operates like a complement that’s a few years comparison than state of a art. Also, Toyota is still not charity Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on a Camry either, nonetheless we’re told it will be on 2019 models.

Ironically, a Camry does offer wireless charging for your smartphone, that is achieved around a well-placed charging pad brazen of a shifter. Other pieces of tech to conclude inside a Camry embody a large, high-res head-up display, and a satisfactory series of USB ports for charging devices.

Toyota gets acclamation for charity a span of really absolute engines. One is a 3.5-liter V6 charity a flesh car-like 301 horsepower, while my Camry XSE tester sports a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 208 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque. In other trim levels, it still creates 203 hp, and that’s some-more energy than bottom engines in a Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Chevy Malibu, and a fuel potency is among a tip in a group, as well.

That said, a 2.5-liter is naturally aspirated, and but a support of a turbocharger, achieving rise energy requires lots of revs. The eight-speed involuntary transmission, meanwhile, is tuned for potency and upshifts as fast as possible. Thus, a engine’s full energy isn’t routinely felt unless we snick a shifter over into Sport mode, that remaps a change points to reason gears longer.

As for handling, a Camry advantages from an all-new height that’s significantly stronger than before, as good as a new back suspension, both of that minister to a aloft turn of altogether handling. Other things, like a steering and braking, feel some-more able than in Camry’s past, too. Better than before, however, doesn’t meant best; a Camry’s doing still falls brief of shred leaders like a Mazda6 and Honda Accord.

Toyota takes reserve severely since it knows that buyers do too. Every Camry sold, regardless of cost and trim level, comes with a Toyota Safety Sense apartment of modernized reserve features. This includes involuntary puncture braking, full-speed radar-based journey control, a line depart warning complement with lane-keep assist, and involuntary high beams. This XSE indication also comes customary with a blind mark and back cranky trade warning system, as good as front and back parking support sensors. And finally, an discretionary 360-degree camera complement is also included.

More and some-more automakers are following Toyota’s lead by including modernized reserve facilities as customary apparatus on all their cars. Ford recently announced that a CoPilot360 reserve suite will shortly come customary on all models, and Nissan has betrothed a new 2019 Altima midsize sedan will come customary with involuntary puncture braking, brazen collision warning, and Intelligent Driver Alertness. Still, Toyota deserves credit for starting this trend that severely increases a reserve of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

As mentioned, notwithstanding a Camry’s new 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine being a many absolute bottom engine we can buy in a midsizesize family sedan, it’s also one of a many fuel efficient. It scores central ratings of 28 miles per gallon in a city, 39 on a highway, and 32 combined. While a new Accord has a somewhat aloft total rating of 33 mpg, a Camry bests it on a highway by one mpg. The Camry also has a vast 16-gallon fuel tank, that means over 500 miles can go by between fill ups.

If fuel potency is your tip priority, Toyota also offers a Camry Hybrid, that can grasp adult to an implausible 52 mpg combined. What’s more, Toyota offers a hybrid chronicle in several trim levels, not only costly ones that come installed with facilities we might not want. Even a bottom Camry LE is offering as a hybrid.

Photos: John Neff / Motor1.com

2018 Toyota Camry XSE Engine2.5-Liter I4 Output206 Horsepower / 186 Pound-Feet Transmission8-Speed Automatic Drive TypeFront-Wheel Drive Weight3,395 Pounds Fuel Economy28 City / 39 Highway / 32 Combined Seating Capacity5 Cargo Volume15.1 Cubic Feet Base Price$23,495 As-Tested Price$35,333

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