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The 2018 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry recently perceived a biggest redesign in years, braggadocio entirely updated underpinnings and assertive new styling.

The 2018 indication is quieter, some-more comfortable, softened to expostulate and some-more pleasing to be in than any Camry before.

But after spending a week evaluating it, I’m not assured that a 2018 Camry has what it takes to woo buyers who are increasingly purchasing crossovers and SUVs instead of sedans.

The 2018 Toyota Camry

Let’s start with what Toyota nails: a fundamentals. Space inside dwarves a Toyota Avalon, while boyant peculiarity and restraint advantage from a switch to Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), a vastly softened height that a Camry shares with cars like a Prius, a new Corolla and a arriving Rav4.

Part of a lurch in a 2018 Toyota Camry

On a 355-mile journey from Columbus to Chicago, a Camry was means to accommodate 4 adults with container for a four-day trip. While Camrys of a past tended to boyant down a road, today’s indication is some-more stoical and European in style. It’s still really comfortable.

The interior is upgraded and trades a jumbled-together demeanour of comparison models for a some-more issuing and complicated dash. Touch points are soft-touch cosmetic or leather for a many part, with beautiful brightwork and light leather assisting it equivocate a cave-like dark of so many complicated interiors. Our XLE tester was labelled during $34,783, that is reasonable for what it comes with.

Finishes on a 2018 Toyota Camry

The standardization of Toyota Safety Sense — that bundles active journey control, involuntary high beams, line gripping and collision deterrence — is something Toyota deserves steady regard for. we generally appreciated a full-speed active journey when stranded in Chicago fee traffic.

Toyota softened a Etune party system, too. Menus are mostly brightened and modernized, while altogether opening felt reduction clumsy. It’s still not impending best in class, though it’s reduction irritating to use than comparison versions.

The 2018 Toyota Camry

The Camry is comfortable, quiet, refined, bright, airy, fit and pressed with content. This is a family sedan, completed.

The 2018 Toyota Camry

People aren’t shopping sedans like they used to. The perennial-favorite family midsize sedan is fast descending out of favor, with compress crossovers like a Rav4 and CR-V aggressively swallowing sales.

To contest with crossovers that offer some-more capability for not most more, cars have to find a approach to be some-more appealing than their carried counterparts. And that’s a biggest debility of a Camry. If we wish a boring, paltry automobile to get a pursuit done, you’re expected going to be looking during one of a dozen white-bread crossovers.

The 2018 Toyota Camry

Sedans, as we see it, have dual categorical advantages over crossovers: they infrequently demeanour softened and can expostulate better. Up opposite a mountaineering additional of a Jeep ad, we can counter-sell with opening or sexiness. But a Camry offers neither.

Despite Toyota’s assertive selling and brave styling, a Camry doesn’t elicit emotion. It’s an intensely efficient and able car, though people buy with their guts. It looks good, though not great. It drives softened than any Camry before it, though worse than a Mazda or a Honda.

It’s polished though it isn’t exciting. And in a universe that doesn’t seem to caring about sedans, that’s condemnation enough.

How we should configure it

Start with a $25,350 Camry SE for your best mix of options and price. That thatch we into a four-cylinder powertrain rather than a some-more manly V6, though a bottom engine is sufficient encouraged and we aren’t removing a opening automobile anyway.

The 2018 Toyota Camry

You’ll also wish a “Audio Package with Options,” that tacks $3,380 on to a price. It includes a moonroof, pacifist entry, dual-zone meridian control, upgraded infotainment with navigation, wireless charging, blind-spot monitoring, behind cross-traffic warning and a JBL stereo system.

All in, you’re looking during $28,730 for a well-equipped sedan.

The behind of a 2018 Toyota Camry

I suggest a 2018 Camry. Though it isn’t quite exciting, it puts no feet wrong on a trail toward apropos a near-ideal midsize sedan.

It’s illusory for highway trips and even softened for commuting. It doesn’t provoke or get in a way, so in that Toyota has achieved a mission.

I only worry that, with consumers increasingly opting for some-more “lifestyle vehicles,” Toyota removing all right competence not be adequate to justice buyers.


Exterior: 3

Interior: 4

Driving Experience: 3.5

Value: 4.5

Overall: 4

Price as configured: $34,783

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