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Last week John Goreham a Toyota consultant during Torque News, compared 2018 Toyota Camry to a reinvented Honda Accord. Although he was kick adult a bit by a reader or dual for what they viewed as Toyota-brand bias, as we sat in Paris France reading John’s article, we suspicion he’d given both automobile brands their satisfactory do.

Truthfully, after spending plenty expostulate time in 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6, and a reinvented 2018 Honda Accord lineup, I’ve come to a satisfactory end that both makers offer a peculiarity product during a satisfactory marketplace price; though there is a quantifiable disproportion between a dual lineups that goes approach over code approval and cost point.

2018 Toyota Camry attempts drivetrain soundness but turbocharging

Today, as automakers both domestic and unfamiliar acquire small-displacement, low friction, turbocharged engines, 2018 Toyota Camry XSE presents a 3.5 Liter routinely aspirated V6 engine and an historically scold 8-speed involuntary transmission, 2018 Honda Accord doesn’t.

In vocalization with Toyota engineers during final years 2018 Toyota Camry press reveal, by an interpreter, we was told by Japan’s #1 automobile code that turbocharging was not compulsory to say Camry’s sales position in a U.S.. In short, a engine, drivetrain choice for 2018 Toyota Camry is driven by “cost per unit” savings.

Furthermore, by low-friction cylinder, dual-stage initiation and fuel delivery, Toyota has softened Camry fuel potency but turbocharging or relying on CVT (continuously non-static transmission) technology. True enough, in my new week behind a circle of 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6, we detected plenty peddle, and interjection to a redesigned suspension, a really decent float dynamic.

Yet, where 2018 Toyota Camry does surpass in old-school V6 empty tinge and midst to high operation torque, It falls a bit prosaic in low operation torque, and off-the-light scurry speed, when compared to 2018 Honda Accord’s 2.0 L turbocharged 4 cylinder gasoline engine.

Honda Accord’s Type-R subsequent VTEC Turbo, smokes a 3.5L V6 engine in accessible just-off-idle torque; nonetheless be it ( perhaps) only a tad some-more rough removing there. However, for a daily driver, a disproportion might be inconsequential; so let’s demeanour a bit closer. We take 2018 Honda Accord 2.0 Touring for a romp.

2018 Toyota Camry Interior Comfort and accommodations

For me, a many critical care when assessing a automobile or light lorry is drivers chair comfort, chain and adjustability. 2018 Camry in all trim levels driven presents one of a best altogether motorist seats in a midsize sedan segment. The leather embellished and fabric chair feels broken-in on initial seating.

For 2018, Toyota redesigns Camry’s cockpit, lurch layout, sign cluster and core stack. Visually, we conclude a Lexus desirous brush of Camry’s dash, a hand-stitched-like leather and fabric seating surfaces, and in a box of a entirely installed XSE a best heads adult arrangement in a business.

Toyota pattern does an well-developed pursuit of tough to soothing aspect interface, and churned tone churned trim treatments; nonetheless be it a bit plastic-rich in places. In a evening, a 2018 Camry XSE puts on an considerable interior light uncover with dimmed blue preference and accent lighting. With a churned orator stereo complement set to a credentials song level, Camry settles into a acquire polished night ride.

However, on a personal electronic connectivity side of a automobile equation, we won’t find Android automobile or Apple Carplay, as featured in 2018 Honda Accord. Toyota utilizes their possess exclusive connectivity and hands-free interface, it works. However, Toyota might wish to adult a charging and connectivity pier count, it’s a bit malnutritioned in 2018 Camry. In my latest exam expostulate we found smartphone connectivity to be easy enough, and relied on my phone for navigation, so will you.

Unlike Honda Accord, Toyota Camry retains a primer name change for smoothness duty. we find it’s chain to be a tad awkward in attribute to a accessible cordless charging pad and bin storage. Our XSE exam jackass comes finish with circle mounted paddle shifting. It works, nonetheless is not mostly needed.

2018 Toyota Camry XSE flirts with V6 powered affordable perfection

Surprisingly, after pushing 2018 Toyota Camry XSE rather aggressively underneath churned pushing conditions for a week, we detected an normal MPG of 25.5. On unchanging gasoline. That’s flattering considerable for a V6 powered front-wheel-drive automobile that approaches 2 tons in quell weight. And that note takes me behind to Camry’s highway handling. Toyota’s reward midsize 4-door furloughed sedan tends to float and hoop a small heavier than a competition.

Camry sacrifices a bit of doing in a s-curves for highway cruising refinement. 2018 Toyota Camry punctuates 5 newcomer daily invert comfort; and does so during a reasonable cost point.

For 2018 Toyota places an importance on motorist and newcomer reserve by integrating Toyota Safety Sense,standard during all trim levels. 2018 Camry is accurately what Toyota purports it to be; a subsequent era phenomenon of a #1 offered 4-door sedan in North America.

Camry looks a bit some-more energetic than it drives. However, during a cost point, stays an altogether automotive opening bargain. Read John’s latest 2018 Toyota Camry examination here. we suggest a comparison exam expostulate between 2018 Toyota Camry and a reinvented Honda Accord for anyone deliberation a squeeze of a sub-premium 4-door sedan.

What we like: Body styling, interior comfort, turnpike float dynamic, fuel economy.

What I’d change: A bit some-more 2nd quarrel legroom, active electronic sound cancellation, stiffer cornering dynamic, upgrade(some) interior cosmetic details.

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