2018 Lexus LC 500: Our View

I didn’t consider we was superficial; we cite a automobile that drives good and looks unexceptional over a opposite. But afterwards we met a new 2018 Lexus LC 500, and we began to doubt a few things.

The LC 500 isn’t a sports car. It’s heavy, doesn’t expostulate all that good and has a happy behind finish that gets twitchy when we lift it. But it’s positively illusory as a grand tourer — quiet, with a vast engine and a well-appointed interior. In fact, we can’t consider of another automobile I’d rather take a highway outing in (provided we could fit all my luggage in a little trunk). But nothing of that unequivocally matters because, we mean, look during it.

Now demeanour again. I’ll wait.

The LC 500 competes opposite oppulance sports/touring cars like a BMW 650i, Mercedes-Benz SL450 and Jaguar F-Type. Compare a LC 500 opposite those vehicles here.

Pricing for a LC 500 starts during $92,995 (including end charge). Our exam automobile also had a Performance Package With Carbon and a tinge head-up arrangement that pushed a plaque cost to $103,895.

Stylin’ and Profilin’

If we don’t like being stared at, do not buy this car.

This is a initial Lexus in utterly some time to elicit genuine enterprise (especially in this smashing red paint that Lexus calls “Infared”), and it seems to have this outcome not usually on me though on lots of other folks, as well. we was intent by some-more onlookers while pushing this automobile than we have been in anything else I’ve tested. People pushing by in all from variety to minivans would gaunt on a horn as we went by and offer a discerning thumbs-up or a few choice expletives to promulgate their thoughts.

Lexus’ spindle-shaped grilles have desirous both indebtedness and consternation, and as time has left by, they’ve gotten some-more and some-more spindly. we don’t consider a pattern works with all models, though on a LC 500 it matches a rest of a bonkers styling sum perfectly. And if we get adult tighten to a grille, we can see that a filigree widens out a over we get from a vast Lexus trademark in a center.

This is a initial Lexus in utterly some time to elicit genuine enterprise in me, and I’m not a usually one; it seems to have this outcome on lots of folks.

That speaks to a conspicuous courtesy to fact given to each partial of a exterior, from those crazy LED projector headlamps to a chrome detailing drizzling from a taillights — even a weirdly appealing figure of a side mirrors.

How does a LC 500 drive? That’s a bit some-more complicated.

How It Drives

Let’s start with what Lexus nailed: a engine and transmission. Instead of going a forced-induction track that so many oppulance automakers are taking, Lexus stranded with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8 that creates 471 horsepower and 398 pounds-feet of torque. It’s one of a quicker-revving V-8 engines I’ve come across, that is useful since limit torque doesn’t flog in until 4,800 rpm. Power smoothness is super smooth, with nothing of a jumpiness that can outcome from a turbocharger.

Lexus also did a illusory pursuit with a engine note. Flip a petiole to a right of a instrument row to Sport S Plus, and a active empty complement opens adult fully, treating we (and everybody around you, it should be noted) to a pleasant bark with an suitable gurgle on discerning downshifts. Don’t wish to arise a neighbors? The other expostulate modes tinge down a audio to some-more reasonable levels.

Before pushing a LC, we was a bit wary. I’ve had some knowledge with Lexus’ eight-speed involuntary transmissions in a past, and those have been … frustrating. But a 10-speed involuntary (the usually smoothness accessible in a LC; contemptible primer fans) was surprisingly delightful. It hold gears during a right times in unchanging and assertive driving, shifted fast when regulating a paddles and was manageable to stifle inputs.

Lexus opted not to put an adaptive cessation in a LC 500, opting for a some-more normal setup that seems to concentration some-more on comfort than on rigidity — a choice that determines a LC’s ultimate destiny as a furloughed car. It excels during that mission, with copiousness of energy underfoot and a unequivocally gentle ride. we can’t consider of another automobile right now that I’d rather do 300 miles in.

As good as a LC 500 is when pulling in a true line, it gets likewise mislaid in corners. Those awaiting pointy doing and liveliness will be disappointed, and this is in partial due to a perfect distance of a LC: It’s a vast car. At 187.4 inches long, it’s about 10 inches longer than a Chevrolet Corvette (which is vast in a possess right) and has a flattering estimable quell weight of 4,280 pounds. That’s a lot of mass to lift by a corner, and it shows in a good volume of physique hurl and a bent to understeer when pushed tough into corners. This automobile is some-more during home on straighter roads, where a engine gets to breathe and a cessation isn’t as taxed.

Fuel economy ratings are 16/26/19 mpg city/highway/combined on reward gasoline.

Interior and Cargo

A apt palm when it comes to interior materials and pattern means a LC 500 some-more than lives adult to a vast cost tag.

One underline reminded me of a Corvette’s cockpit: a distinguished hoop on a core console that gives a newcomer something to squeeze if things go sideways.

The multimedia complement has a 10.3-inch widescreen arrangement that sits prominently atop a dash. There’s a vast touchpad mounted low in a core console, where a driver’s right palm rests, that compulsory a vast training hook to use, though we did eventually find it improved than a “mouse”-based complement Lexus uses in some of a other vehicles. My biggest emanate with it is that it requires we to demeanour during a shade utterly a bit to make inputs — some-more so than some touchscreen-based systems. With a touchpad, we found myself looking during a shade frequently when regulating it to see that buttons were highlighted and what we was selecting. My instinct was to provide it roughly like a rodent cursor on a laptop — excellent in that application, though it done me shaken when driving.

Two behind seats are present, though they don’t unequivocally do anything — not even a child will fit behind there. Cargo room is also during a premium, as a case measures usually 5.4 cubic feet. we was means to fit one incomparable square of luggage in back, though no approach could we fit two. That’s what a backseat is for, we guess.

Function Follows Form

A truth of modernist design states that a form of a building should follow a function. Structure comes first, afterwards a demeanour and figure of it should hook to fit that function. The LC 500 flips that gathering on a head: Everything else about a automobile — including a verbatim backseat — takes a backseat to how it looks, and justly so. It’s art.

Yes, a pushing knowledge is a bit disproportionate and there isn’t most unsentimental space outward a dual front seats. Those shortcomings did harass during me from time to time, though afterwards I’d travel adult to a LC 500, see it sitting there, and my mind would go blank. Apparently I’m superficial, and this is my ruby-red, V-8 kryptonite.

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