2018 LC500 gives Lexus code a makeover – KABC

You competence see a neat new coupe on a highway soon. It’s long, it’s low and some competence be astounded to find that it’s a Lexus.

The 2018 LC500 is a new flagship for a Lexus brand, though during a cost that can tip $100,000 with options, it isn’t for everyone.

Though it can’t lift some-more than dual people with a tiny behind seat, a figure attracts attention, that is accurately what a automobile brand’s flagship is ostensible to do.

It’s not a initial time Lexus has finished this.

Six years ago, Lexus suggested a crazy-fast, crazy-expensive supercar called a LFA. It was scarcely $400,000 and was in really singular production, though it garnered copiousness of attention.

The LC500 is meant to get beheld too, though also be receptive to some-more people. Its pattern – from a Lexus studio in Newport Beach – is partial of a character makeover for a whole brand.

This new Lexus coupe is also accessible as a hybrid, a LC500h. It facilities a V6 engine, and battery power. It’s an choice to a V8 bottom engine for an additional $4,500 over a unchanging LC500’s bottom cost of $92,000.

The LC500h still performs really well, nonetheless has considerable fuel economy. While a LC500 garners a important EPA rating of 16 city and 26 highway miles per gallon, a LC500h tops that by a good margin, with total of 26 city and 35 highway.

An upscale automaker carrying hybrid energy in a flagship is a flourishing trend. The Acura NSX supercar is hybrid only; there is no non-hybrid version. The eye-catching BMW i8 is not usually a hybrid, though a plug-in hybrid.

For a ultimate in hybrid flagships, Porsche recently combined a singular book 918 Spyder. It sole out roughly immediately, even with a cost tab of some-more than $800,000.

The new Lexus LC pushes a lot of buttons. It’s attractive, it performs and it’s accessible with energy-conscious hybrid power. Now it usually has to pull a buttons of intensity Lexus customers, who competence still consider a association usually builds “boring” cars.

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