2018 Hyundai Sonata vs Toyota Camry Comparison

While crossovers are all a fury right now, a lot of people still buy midsized sedans like a Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata and reason on to them for hundreds of thousands of miles and several years. With some sparkling new updates to these determined players in this segment, it’s usually healthy to review them.

To best knowledge these newly updated cars, we have a entirely installed models versed with upgraded and some-more absolute engines. The Camry packs a V6 powertrain while a Sonata has a turbocharged four-cylinder. The contrasts go most further, as one automobile looks extravagantly overstyled while a other is most some-more conservative. And finally, one automobile packs a few considerable facilities while a other seems to concentration on quadruped comforts.

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Like it or Leave it Looks

The new Camry, that is totally new, stands out most some-more and a overhauled styling is substantially a initial thing you’ll notice about a 2018 model. It’s easy to contend that Toyota went overboard with a design, yet we see a lot of Lexus in a bodywork with a vast grille and assertive lines. Maybe a grille is too much, though, since it kind of reminds me of those five-blade shavers from Gillette.

Jumping into a vehicle, we find a cold layout, something that a Camry wasn’t famous for in a past. The uneven pattern of a core console stands out and a other sum of a automobile are fantastic, like a genuine stitched upholstery and a approach a chrome accents upsurge into a doorway handle.

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Another appreciated aspect of a interior is abundant cubbies to store your stuff. There also a nifty shifting tip cell underneath a wireless smartphone horse that can censor your valuables. 

The Camry’s interior, however, is distant from perfect. we don’t like how reduction lush materials are incorporated in a vehicle, and a automobile lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, that are must-haves these days. Additionally, a armrest in a behind is utterly baggy and a front seats are too aggressively designed, generally these forward-tilting headrests.

These competence seem like tiny issues, yet when a family uses a automobile for a prolonged time, these tiny annoyances can turn severely frustrating.

Useful Features?

The entirely installed Camry V6 XLE comes with utterly a few cold goodies, yet a prominence has to be a tone head-up arrangement that shows a car’s speed as good as navigation information. In further to this, a automobile has a 360-degree parking camera, that is always helpful. Naturally, there’s also blind mark information, brazen collision warning, adaptive journey control, and line depart warning and assistance.

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The navigation complement is easily updated and looks sharp, and there’s an upgraded JBL-branded sound complement that sounds flattering good. However, there’s unequivocally tiny in terms of preference facilities to blow we away. This automobile has exhilarated seats and dual-zone involuntary meridian control, and relatives will like a ability to see on a dashboard that of a behind chair passengers have buckled their seatbelts.

As equipped, this automobile rings in during only underneath $38,000 in a U.S., that is a plain cost for near-Lexus like qualities.

New Gear Under a Hood

There’s some new hardware underneath a hood of a new Camry, where you’ll find a 3.5-liter V6 engine creates 301 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque. It’s most some-more manly than what’s found in a Sonata, that uses a turbocharged four-cylinder. The Camry’s engine is unequivocally smooth, nonetheless all a energy and torque is accessible during a top half of a range, that means we have to rev it utterly a bit to get going, that is zero you’d unequivocally wish to do in a Camry. It also doesn’t assistance that a eight-speed involuntary delivery is a bit temperamental, infrequently changing gears clumsily and during uncalled-for times. Simply put, it’s utterly direct and distinct a standard Toyota.

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There are opposite expostulate modes to assistance change a approach a automobile reacts to your inputs, yet no matter what, a automobile still feels generally a same. It’s gentle and deferential with predicted doing and highway manners. It’s also particularly relaxed with glorious sound insulation.

It handles like a vast automobile yet it isn’t unpleasant. we can see this being a flattering plain automobile for a prolonged trips, as prolonged as we can live with a interior and extraneous pattern quirks.

Compare Specs

2018 Toyota Camry V6 XLE
2018 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Limited
2018 Toyota Camry V6 XLE
2018 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Limited
Engine 3.5-liter V6 - 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinderPower 301 hp Camry 245 hpTorque 267 lb-ftCamry 260 lb-ftTransmission 8 speed automobile - 8 speed automobile Combined Fuel Economy (MPG) 26 MPG - 26Combined Fuel Economy (l/100kms) 9.2 - 9.1As Tested Price (USD) $37,680 Sonata $32,450As Tested Price (CDN) $40,690 Sonata $37,126.50

Hyundai’s Conservative Competitor

But looking during a Sonata, we have a automobile that’s distant some-more conservative. It’s not furious or polarizing, yet it’s zero too eye-catching. The new grille is attractive, yet it’s tough to omit a opening in a circle well.

The interior is also indifferent and some-more traditional, featuring a some-more plane layout. It’s not as grand or stylish as a Camry in this regard, yet it has a some-more liveable blueprint and is easier understand. Both cars underline vast 8-inch touchscreens that are easy to use. The fact that a Sonata has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a outrageous advantage.

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There are some-more preference facilities in a Sonata as well, like vented seats and a exhilarated steering wheel. There are also window shades in a back, useful for people who don’t wish to bake in a sun. While there are fewer tip storage spots, there’s a accessible shallow in a lurch that we can use to column adult a phone.

The behind seats are down on legroom a bit, yet a automobile feels some-more gentle to be in. There’s some-more newcomer volume than a Camry, and there’s some-more case space as well. The behind chair armrest is most improved than a Toyota’s and a Sonata has a dark symbol on a behind badge to cocktail a trunk.

Delivers a Drive

As shortly as we start pushing a Sonata, we can tell there’s utterly a bit of disproportion between it and a Camry, starting with a engine. The turbocharged four-cylinder creates 245 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, that are both next a Toyota’s V6 rating, yet due to a roughly evident low-end torque, a Sonata feels some-more manageable and punchy right from a get-go.

The delivery feels distant some-more normal, notwithstanding it also being an eight-speed automatic. There are opposite expostulate modes that change how active a delivery is, yet it never gets in a approach or feels as direct as a Camry’s. we also like a paddle shifters that are here to assistance change gears as needed.

It feels some-more powerful, yet unfortunately, we hear some-more of a engine. The empty note is low and bassy, and that competence seem a bit youthful for this class. In further to that, there’s only most some-more sound in a Sonata’s cabin. That can get a bit annoying, yet we cruise a pushing feel and engine opening is some-more healthy and serviceable any day.

This automobile has a same pushing assists as a Camry, yet we cite a approach a adaptive journey control works since it acts some-more naturally. It doesn’t have a head-up arrangement of a Toyota or a 360-degree camera, yet we wouldn’t cruise those to be a dealbreaker.

The final square of a nonplus is a cost and value of a Sonata, that comes in during only over $32,000 in a U.S. At $5,000 reduction than a Camry and with some-more useable tech, a Hyundai sweetens a understanding with a prolonged warranty, that helps yield some critical assent of mind.

Both cars acquire 26 mpg total and a Sonata doesn’t need reward fuel even yet it facilities a turbocharged engine.

The Verdict: 2018 Hyundai Sonata vs Toyota Camry Comparison

These cars are some of a best offered products in any automaker’s lineup. While a Camry is all new, it’s only not as finish of a package when compared to a Sonata. we can’t trust I’m giving Toyota a tough time about an direct powertrain, yet it’s some-more than that. There are a few useful facilities blank and it’s a some-more costly automobile as well.

The Sonata is some-more affordable, feels some-more healthy on a highway and packs all kinds of useful preference facilities that make it a ideal choice for someone looking for a new sedan. It astounded me in weathering a charge from a new Camry, and it competence warn we too.

2018 Toyota Camry V6 XLE


  • Funky Exterior
  • Stylish Interior
  • Cool tech


  • Quirky transmission
  • Less Cargo room
  • No Android Auto

2018 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Sport


  • Price
  • Punchy drivetrain
  • Convenience features


  • Loud
  • Conservative

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