2018 Honda Civic Si Review: ‘Bargain’ Doesn’t Do It Justice

The Bottom Line:

The latest Honda Civic Si is a arrange of automobile that creates we consternation since each other carmaker isn’t blazing a midnight oil perplexing to duplicate it. It’s a double-level sleeper; not usually does it masks a speed behind a rather typical skin, it also hides it behind a inexpensive price. It’s not tough to find fun new cars in this permitted cost range; a Mazda MX-5 Miata or Toyota 86 will lighten your day each time we stand into it. Likewise, it’s easy to find solid, serviceable new vehicles for that price; automakers from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen have cars able of transporting 4 people and a decent volume of luggage, a immeasurable infancy of that will transport tens of thousands of miles with minimal maintenance. But to find a automobile that offset those dual criteria so deftly…well, that’s a take during any price. 

One personal anecdote, only to infer a point. Towards a finish of my time production around in a Civic Si, we satisfied that, even if we won a Powerball, I’d still wish this automobile in my garage. Partly, we suppose, as a sentimental sign of my roots, something to keep me humble…but mostly since it’s only so damn fun to drive. 

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