2018 Harley Davidson Fatboy raffle advantages ill Pitt County Sheriff’s deputy

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) – The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office is raffling off a 2018 Harley Davidson Fatboy 114 to lift income for one of their sergeants who has been forced to take an early medical retirement.

Sgt. Stephen Kelly Sutton was forced to medically retire final year since of a singular liver disorder. Sgt. Shane Guthrie says his co-worker now needs a liver transplant to survive.

“Steve gave over 25 years of his life to a community, he’s been out there putting his life on a line everyday, he’s helped a lot of people in a village and he needs assistance now so we’re perplexing to do what we can to assistance him compensate for his medical bills,” Sgt. Guthrie said.

The dialect is hosting a fundraiser to support Sutton’s medical expenses.

Raffle tickets are being sole for a Wicked Cherry Red Harley Davidson Fatboy 114; it’s a 2018 indication and is value about $20,000.

Tickets are $50 and usually 1,000 will be sold.

Raffle tickets are usually accessible online. It will be a digital drawing.

The leader will be announced during a Winterville Hometown Harley Davidson on Sep 1 during 2pm. You do not have to be benefaction to win.

The leader will have several options. Keeping a bike, of course, is a initial choice that comes with a responsibilities of profitable skill taxes and pretension fees on it. The leader can ascent to another bike and get a trade-in value of a Fatboy 114. The leader can also sell a bike behind to a dealership — or secretly — and keep a earnings.

You can learn some-more about Sgt. Sutton and his use to a village and squeeze raffle tickets http://2018fatboyraffle.com/. ***If a couple doesn’t work, try duplicating and pasting a couple into your hunt browser.

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