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We were sincerely tender with a Genesis G90 oppulance sedan. It was large. It was long. It was spacious, generally in a backseat. It had each bell and alarm we could want. But a many considerable charge was that it was surprisingly quick. The two-and-a-half-ton behemoth launched off a line like an anti-tank barb out of it’s tube, it’s all-wheel expostulate clawing for traction as a twin-turbo 3.3L V6 sensitively roared. As many as we favourite a car, we wondered what a smaller arriving G80 Sport would be like with that same engine.

The G80 is a second automobile from Genesis, a fledgling South Korean oppulance automaker. Noticeably smaller than a shining G90, it shares identical pattern cues and lines though a execution works a small improved on a G80 Sport’s smaller frame. It has clever accent lines, an assertive front fascia, and vast wheels stuffing out large, robust circle wells. The automobile has an commanding position that suggests sporting intensity and speed. It’s a vast automobile and it’s pattern comes off as somewhat some-more original.

The interior is both atmospheric and inviting. There’s copiousness of room inside and a good perspective out. The materials are all high-end and fit and finish were exemplary. The gentle leather seats are both exhilarated and ventilated. They’re bolstered customarily adequate to keep we in place when pushing enthusiastically though are still easy to get into and out of. Like in a G90 a chair belts due when we start driving, as if your mom was checking to make certain we were safely buckled in. A lot of carmakers rest on a singular controller to corkscrew by unconstrained menu’s, though Genesis uses a aged propagandize proceed of regulating lots and lots of buttons. While it competence seem primitive to some, we have to acknowledge that we indeed cite it to menu-scrolling controllers. It’s easier in practice, generally while on a move. The stereo sounds incredible. We couldn’t error a sat-nav for anything – The maps were easy to review and helpful. The heads-up arrangement on a driver’s windshield means we frequency have to take your eyes off a road.

The backseat, while lacking a higher legroom of a G90, is customarily as luxurious, with exhilarated and ventilated leather seating, and sunshade controls. The breathtaking skylight brightens a interior space immensely and gives backseat passengers a good perspective of a sky to element a perspective out a side windows. It helps a backseat feel some-more open and reduction claustrophobic.

The engine in a exam automobile is a same 3.3L turbo V6 that we had in a G90. It creates 365hp and 367 lb-ft of torque. The torque comes on early and stays many of a approach to redline. Impressive in a G90 AWD, it’s officious manly in a lighter, smaller G80 Sport AWD. The automobile shoots to 60mph in around 4 seconds and 100mph follows in customarily a few seconds after that. Rated during 16mpg in a city and 24 on a highway, we found ourselves averaging between 16 and 20 mpg though that was mostly due to a complicated right feet prodding a engine into action. Also accessible in a G80 Sport are a naturally-aspirated 3.8L V6 and a 5.0L V8. All engine options are accessible with possibly AWD or RWD.

The delivery is an 8-speed involuntary that works invisibly behind a scenes unless you’re in Sport mode. In Sport mode, a delivery works to keep we in a engine’s extended torque rope and prepared to rev. There are paddle shifters behind a steering circle that work acceptably, though a involuntary delivery improved fits a car’s character.

What Genesis refers to as a “CDC competition suspension” does a illusory pursuit of doing a hostile goals of a soft, lush float and pointy doing in corners. Where a G90 would tumble detached on devious behind roads, a G80 Sport energetically dives into corners and responds to assertive pushing while interesting a bumps. It’s really impressive. Even some-more considerable is how quick a vast “sport brakes” delayed a 4800 lb automobile down. No matter how quick we were going, a brakes were some-more than adult to a charge of interlude a automobile RIGHT now.

Comfortable in any situation, officious soothing and cosseting, it’s a pleasure to expostulate as a daily driver. But get a eagerness to misbehave, chuck it into a corner, and it not customarily surprises we with it’s restraint though encourages we to do it again. Sport sedans are customarily possibly sport-oriented or luxury-oriented and really few can play both roles equally well. The Genesis G80 Sport can lift it off.

We’ve been agreeably astounded and tender with both a Genesis G90 and now a G80 Sport. While they miss a chronological extraction that many European cars have, if they say this turn of peculiarity for a foreseeable future, they could rise an glorious repute that will offer customarily as well. Both cars are good values, pointy looking, comfortable, and luxurious. With dual winners right out of a gate, we’re quite fervent to see what Genesis brings to marketplace next.

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