2018 Corvette Model Year Produced Least Amount Of Cars Since 1959

Last year, we schooled a 2018 Corvette indication year would be an abbreviated one. Production of 2018 Corvettes will stop during a week of Jan 22 and 2019 Corvettes will start to hurl out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. And one of those 2019 indication year cars will be a 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1.

But, we have a 2018 Corvette prolongation numbers, interjection to Corvette Blogger and a National Corvette Museum, and 2018 saw a slightest volume of Corvettes built given 1959. In total, GM built 9,686 Corvettes for a 2018 indication year, that pushes it usually past a 1959 sum of 9,670 units.

As expected, a top-selling Corvette was a Stingray coupe (31.7 percent), followed by a Grand Sport coupe (25.6 percent) and a Z06 coupe (24.3 percent) dull out prolongation totals. Convertibles trailed coupes by a large margin.

Interestingly, many buyers opted for a base-model Stingray with 57.1 percent of cars built versed with a 1LT package. Grand Sport buyers spent a small some-more mix and opted for higher-trimmed 2LT and 3LT models, while Z06 buyers elite a range-topping 3LZ trim to a 2LZ and 1LZ trims.

Speaking of a Corvette Z06, orders for a Z07 opening container forsaken significantly with usually 32.5 percent of buyers opting for it. Across all models, a eight-speed involuntary was a elite choice of delivery with a whopping 78 percent of Corvettes versed with a auto.

Finally, Arctic White remained a tone of choice for buyers with 20.3 percent of all 2018 Corvettes finished in a hue. Black came in second with 16.3 percent and Torch Red dull out a tip 3 with 14 percent. For owners of Sebring Orange Corvettes, they’re a singular bird; GM built usually 85 Corvettes finished in a orangey hue.

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