2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS Review: Predictably Comfortable, Surprisingly Fun to Drive

The Chevrolet Traverse was redesigned for a 2018 and in serve to a new demeanour came a new RS trim level. This packages includes an array of black trim upgrades on an LT Leather model, though some-more importantly, a Traverse RS facilities a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In an epoch where many of a many renouned 3-row SUVs have vast V8 engines, a turbo 4 competence seem like an peculiar choice, though in a front-drive Traverse, it indeed creates for a fun, fit family hauler.

Now, before we go any further, we wish to indicate out that while a Chevy Traverse RS looks sporty and offers considerable pushing dynamics, this is not a opening 3-row SUV. If we are unequivocally that endangered with all-out performance, we wish to be looking during something like a GMC Yukon, a Chevy Tahoe or a Dodge Durango. However, if we wish a smooth-riding SUV with 3 ample rows of seats that gets good gas mileage while still being fun to expostulate – a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS could be your ideal vehicle.

Vehicle Pricing
My 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS exam automobile was versed with front-wheel-drive and carried a bottom cost of $42,050. The usually choice was a lead dim red paint, adding $395 while end fees combined another $945 for a price-as-tested of $43,390.

That competence seem like a high cost for a automobile though any options, though keep in mind that all discussed in a examination next is standard, so a Traverse RS comes flattering heavily installed for only underneath $44,000.

Great Exterior Design
Opinion on coming is always subjective, though we consider that a extraneous of a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS looks illusory from each angle. The introduction of a second era automobile for 2018 brought with it a demeanour that is distant edgier than a initial generation, and this assertive new demeanour unequivocally creates for a most some-more appealing vehicle. More importantly, a new demeanour allows a Traverse to mount out from some of a tasteless designed in a SUV world.

The RS package takes a demeanour of a 2018 Traverse and by simply adding a garland of black trim, creates for an even sportier looking vehicle. This includes a bowtie logos, a grille, a haze light bezels, a window trim, a roof rails and a 20-inch “Dark Android” embellished aluminum wheels. When we demeanour during an RS indication and a non-RS model, a dual demeanour extremely different, though it only goes to uncover how most of a disproportion a finish change in trim tone can make.

In a box of a 2018 Traverse RS, a dim accents make for a most sportier and most cooler looking SUV. The looks alone would make a RS my initial choice in a Traverse lineup, though a interior amenities and pushing dynamics can’t be ignored.

Big, Loaded Cabin
The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS is a 3-row SUV designed to interest to those folks seeking a ample daily driver, so it comes as no warn that there is gobs of interior space. The front seats and a second quarrel will both absolutely accommodate high adults and while a third quarrel is a bit tighter, children or adults underneath 5’6” should be gentle in a rear-most seats. Getting into a third-row seats is a trickiest emanate for taller riders, as we can possibly fist between a second quarrel seats or we can wave them brazen and stand over them, conjunction of that is easy for a taller adult, though kids will have a most easier time removing to those seats.

Best of all, even with people in each seat, there is still a ton of bucket space out back, so we can absolutely chair 6 adults and still have copiousness of room for things like luggage. If we are not regulating a third-row seats, they simply wave forward, fluctuating a bucket building of a bucket area and formulating a outrageous space that can reason vast boxes, several hockey bags, golf clubs, etc. Also, if we aren’t regulating any of a back seats, we can overlay them down and emanate an area vast adequate to transport some lumber. There expected aren’t many Traverse RS owners hauling outrageous cargo, though a ability is there if needed.

In serve to carrying lots of space, a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS has lots of reward customary features. All of a seats are wrapped in black leather and a front seats are exhilarated and electronically-adjusted. The steering wheel, dashboard, doorway panels and core console are all wrapped in relating leather, giving a interior a unequivocally upscale demeanour and feel, while a reward 8-inch infotainment complement offers control of all of a interior gadgets. That includes a satellite radio and auxiliary submit of a few opposite kinds (USB, Bluetooth) that feed a Bose 10-speaker complement that sounds good regardless of your favorite form of tunes. The RS package also comes with navigation and three-zone meridian control, permitting everybody to adjust a heat to their liking.

RS on a Road
The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4 cylinder indent that delivers 257 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque with assistance from a nine-speed involuntary transmission. That horsepower is down compared to a V6 that is customary in a other models, though that 295 lb-ft of torque plays a vast purpose in creation a RS so most fun to drive. While there is a hold of loiter as a turbocharger spools adult to rise boost, a torque of a 2.0-liter engine hits tough adequate to fume a front tires during a stop. When a tires grip, a vast SUV gets adult to speed in a precipitate and while a V6 competence technically be a bit quicker to 60, a energy smoothness of a turbo-four unequivocally creates it feel most stronger than it is. The same qualities that make a turbocharged sports automobile so most fun to drive, with a turbo attack tough and quick, make a Traverse seem unequivocally discerning and sporty from a stop and while moving.

The nine-speed involuntary smoothness spends most of a time in a aloft gears, permitting a Traverse RS to normal 23.3mpg during my contrast (that is somewhat softened than a EPA rating of 22). However, when we put a produce down to bestir around slow-moving trade on a highway, a smoothness fast drops down several gears – putting a turbocharged engine in a rise energy operation and assisting a vast Chevy SUV fast build speed.

Finally, in serve to being surprisingly discerning and predictably fuel-friendly, a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS offers a smooth, still float though murdering handling. For a front-drive automobile of a size, a Traverse RS cuts by a corners during speed unequivocally good and it is easy to scheme by parsimonious spots, such as a parking lot during a airfield or a mall. At a same time, even with a 20-inch wheels and comparatively low form tires, a Traverse keeps outward sound and vibrations out of a cabin, creation for a quiet, well-spoken ride, even on Detroit’s severe highways.

The Final Word
Really, it comes as no warn that a Traverse RS is efficient, still and smooth, though we suppose that few people would design a big, front-wheel-drive SUV with a four-cylinder engine to be as discerning or as nimble as this 3-row Chevy. When we mix those pushing dynamics with a ample interior and a reward features, a Traverse RS is a good choice during $44,000. Many vehicles will give we a three-row space and fuel economy, though for those buyers who wish front-wheel-drive, this sporty Chevy SUV offers some-more fun-to-drive cause than identical models from other brands. It isn’t designed to contest with a pricier, opening disposed models, instead bringing softened pushing dynamics to an bland driver.

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