2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8: Driving a Lighter Aston Fantastic

Advertisers generally sell more, more, more. But if the 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 could talk, it would tell them all to zip it. The polished V-12 chronicle is a miraculous GT, though a rambunctious, four-cylinders-lighter V-8 is a small hermit who’s adult for carrying a bit some-more fun and nicking a Double Stuf Oreo cookie from a jar when no one’s watching. 

The DB11 V8 has a same eight-speed ZF transmission, Bridge of Weir leather interior, and discretionary fit and finishes as a V-12 version. It still takes a same 200 hours to build—with 50 of those for a paint pursuit alone. As for that paint color, patron choices are still as immeasurable as their imaginations, and a lighter colors still uncover off this beauty’s fascinating details, such as a C-shaped taillights, a black rope by a C-pillar that give a automobile a kind of masked crusader look, and a understated-yet-meaningful physique contours in a piece metal. 

Telling a V-8 detached from a V-12 during a peek is difficult. The pointed extraneous cues—including dual engine cover atmosphere vents instead of a V-12’s 4 and darker headlamp bezels—make a models as tough to compute as a Doublemint resin twins. But underneath those dual atmosphere vents and a sheetmetal around them are where a genuine differences lie. Stiffer springs, dampers, and cessation bushings, and a revised intake and exhaust, repositioned engine mounts, increasing parallel stiffness, fortitude control, stop calibration, all of it was magically and finely retuned by Ian Hartley, comparison manager of car dynamics and a DB11 V8’s arch engineer. As a result, a V-8 feels deliciously lighter and faster, as pointy as a ginsu blade rupturing a mango instead of hacking a drink can. 

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