2017 Mercedes-Benz C-class Cabriolet

It’s a marvel that convertibles still exist in an epoch when many drivers caring reduction about pushing than they do about phone connectivity and in-car infotainment. Put a tip down and, some-more mostly than not, object glisten washes out that colorful center-console display. No matter how good a breeze blocker is, resistance customarily reduces hands-free communication to shouting, “I’ll call we back.” And these are a new problems. Like roaches and polyester, a tort lawyers and their hatred to risk that scarcely gathering convertibles to annihilation in a 1970s are still with us. Carmakers have had usually intermediate success with alternatives such as removable roof panels and retractable hardtops. Sunburn is still sunburn.

The Lineup

So yes, we are a long, prolonged approach from a time when many any vehicle on a marketplace offering a droptop variant, that creates a new 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-class automobile all a some-more exciting. Convertibles are inherently entertaining, that is one reason a character is some-more common in two-seat sports cars, though a C-class automobile is a loyal four-place convertible. Based on a C-class coupe, a automobile likewise will be offering in 4 graphic models when it goes on sale in a fall. The four-cylinder C300 is a bottom car, accessible with possibly rear- or all-wheel drive. There’s a large burst adult to a all-wheel-drive, six-cylinder C43 AMG on a subsequent rung. At a tip of a indication operation are dual rear-drive, eight-cylinder cars, a Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S. All C-class cabriolets have turbocharged engines and involuntary transmissions, a nine-speed section with a four- and six-cylinder engines, a seven-speed one with a V-8s.

Perhaps some-more importantly, they all have a same arrange of utterly literally over-the-top automobile record that Mercedes has used in other droptops aloft adult in a pecking order. For days when a C-class is sitting underneath a prohibited sun, Mercedes offers special sun-reflecting chair leather. At speed, a Aircap complement deploys a spoiler from a windshield header, that is as bizarre looking as it is effective. Wind-deflecting abilities are protracted with a outrageous breeze blocker behind a behind seat; on a turnpike breeze resistance is as if we were roving during half a speed. The discretionary three-layer acoustic tip seals and insulates good adequate that we competence consider you’re in a coupe when a tip is up. If it’s chilly, a Airscarf opening in a chair backrest—a complement recently underneath authorised fire for apparent transgression in Germany—will blow gentle atmosphere on your neck. Alas, Airscarf comes usually on a customary seats, so if we opt for a competition seats in a AMG cars, you’ll have to lift your blood heat by driving.

Different Motivations

That should be easy enough, as a 362-hp C43 is quick. Even operative opposite a claimed 4145-pound quell weight, a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 always feels powerful. Not so a C300, as a 241-hp 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder feels usually as indolent here as it does in a coupe. Both cars have mixed expostulate modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual) and steering-wheel-mounted change paddles, though usually in a C43 can a nine-speed involuntary be sealed into primer mode. Shifting with a paddles is quick, though left to a possess inclination a delivery is substantially smarter than we are, skipping as many gears as indispensable to keep a engine singing.

The C43 gets bigger brakes, 14.2 inches in hole in a front and 12.6 in a rear, contra 13.0 inches front and 11.8 behind in a C300. The C43 also has a sportier cessation balance and a quicker steering ratio, as good as a rear-biased (31/69) torque separate for a all-wheel-drive system. Both cars float on a same staggered tires, 225/45R-18 in a front and 245/40R-18 in a rear. The C300 we gathering rode gently on a discretionary atmosphere suspension, and even when we dialed adult a expostulate mode to Sport+ it never felt overly harsh. The C43’s adaptive cessation also seems to be tuned on a some-more gentle side, nonetheless with improved physique control. There’s a outrageous opening in opening between a C300 and a C43, one that creates we consternation if Mercedes competence find room for a 330-hp V-6–powered C400 it sells in other markets though doesn’t nonetheless devise to offer in a United States.

Yet a four- and six-cylinder models still resemble any other some-more than they do a V-8–powered cars. Of a full-bore AMGs, we gathering usually a C63 S, and from a impulse we dismissed it adult and goosed a stifle to hear a lionlike bark of a competition empty it was apparent that this savage is distinct any other compress convertible—from Mercedes or any other carmaker. The 4.0-liter V-8 interconnected with a seven-speed involuntary is a obvious and proven multiple in other AMG models including a C sedan and coupe. (Mercedes told us that it will offer a sum of 48 AMG models lineup-wide by a finish of 2016.) Here in a C63 cabrio, a twin-turbo V-8 creates 469 horsepower, and in a C63 S a overwhelming 503, rivaling many muscle-car engines for energy density. Torque in a S is an equally considerable 516 lb-ft, a series that also speaks to a fundamental reduction of a cabriolet’s structure, that somehow resists a engine’s efforts to turn it into a 4250-pound martini garnish.

Mercedes claims 4.0 seconds for a C63 S in a scurry to 60 mph, or 0.7 second quicker than a explain for a C43 version. It is also fast, attack an electronically singular tip speed of 174 mph, according to a carmaker, since obtuse models are capped during 130 mph. Both C63 and C63 S get limited-slip differentials; a former’s is automatic while a latter’s is electronic. The S also gets energetic engine mounts. Like a coupe, a C63 automobile advantages from a wider lane and some-more disastrous cove facilitated by a dedicated behind cessation that’s not common with a C300 and a C43. The result? It nails during a highway like that grizzly bear in The Revenant. Unfortunately, a steering isn’t utterly so lively; a C43’s shelve indeed has some-more highway feel. The float can be brutally unbending in a Sport+ expostulate mode (and we didn’t even try a additional C63-only Race mode), though dial behind a settings and a C63 S feels roughly as agreeable as a C300. For fans of AMG’s residence tuning—count us among them—the C63 S automobile will feel both informed and sublime.

The matter rings loyal aesthetically, as well. The automobile is roughly a CO duplicate of a coupe, with a same mini–S-class styling and pleasing interior. Ditto a apparatus list, that includes many of a Mercedes record that used to be indifferent for a top-of-the-line S-class. But now semi-autonomous pushing and other modernized reserve facilities such as collision warning and unconstrained braking are accessible via a C-class indication line, including a cabriolet. And, of course, Mercedes also offers a finish COMAND infotainment complement in a convertible.

This era of C-class already has lifted a bar for Mercedes-Benz’s many renouned model, and a introduction of this automobile can usually assistance a code continue to attain during a plan of stuffing any niche—even one that seems perennially during risk of disappearing.

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