2017 Lexus LC500 Review

It’s mostly suggested that Lexus lacks drama. we consider that’s astray and a line of cars like a IS F, RC F, GS F and a unusual LFA supercar would also desire to differ.

The latest in Lexus array of cars we competence not pattern is a LC, styled to demeanour some-more like a judgment automobile than a salon reality, Lexus has coined a thespian flagship installed to a knob with inevitable styling and a rev-happy V8 engine.

Like it or disgust it, we simply can’t omit it. On paper Lexus puts adult a satisfactory quarrel for a extended cross-section of Sports, Luxury, and GT coupes nonetheless does a furious styling interpret into an equally involving drive? TMR strike a highway in a LC500 to find out.

Vehicle Style: Luxury coupe
Price: $190,000 and on-road costs,
Engine/trans: 351kW/540Nm 5.0-litre 8cyl petrol | 10spd automatic
Fuel Economy Claimed: 11.6 l/100km | Tested: 14.3 l/100km


The LC operation comprises twin models, both with a same $190,000 and on-road cost entrance price. The slightest renouned of a twin is approaching to be a V6 hybrid LC500h, nonetheless a non-hybrid V8-powered LC500 tested here is certain to beget copiousness of interest.

It’s a singular beast, interjection to a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 where competitors have incited to forced initiation and downsized engines. That preference works in a foster and gives enthusiasts something to celebrate.

Then there’s a unfit to omit looks. Based on a 2012 LF-LC judgment it seemed unfit to consider that Lexus would broach anything so low, so wide, so dramatically proportioned if a LF-LC were to strech production.

Not usually did a LC strech production, nonetheless it did so with a concept’s implausible proportions and many of a refined sum still intact. Lexus positively isn’t rowdiness around with this car.


  • Standard Equipment: Semi-aniline leather trim, 12-way energy front seats with heating and ventilation, keyless entrance with push-button start, 8.0-inch digital instrument display, adaptive journey control, powered steering column, LED headlights, 21-inch amalgamate wheels
  • Infotainment: 10.3-inch colour screen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB input, DVD player, satellite navigation, 13-speaker Mark Levinson audio
  • Cargo Volume: 197 litres

Like a exterior, Lexus set out to emanate an interior that was opposite from anything else in a range, and noted for all a right reasons.

Although there’s still some informed elements, we won’t upset this one with your neighbour’s run-of-the-mill Lexus SUV on a inside interjection to a thespian pattern and rarely minute touches.

Aside from a simple black pattern here, Lexus will also let we parasite a box for a black and burgundy two-tone interior, or a confidant kaleidoscopic light brownish-red trim (officially called Ochre) in multiple with any of a accessible eleven extraneous colours.

The cabin offers 4 seats in a 2+2 configuration, and as you’d pattern a behind chair competence be a right place to bend in a suitable tiny pet, or utterly brief passenger, nonetheless won’t do a pursuit for prolonged hauls or full-sized adults.

There’s no evading Lexus’ courtesy to detail. There’s beautifully hand-finished leather liberally practical to a dash, doors, and console with a issuing pattern that enhances a cockpit-like interior’s feeling of speed.

It’s maybe a small peculiar afterwards to find that a twin china panels on a dash; one on front of a newcomer and one surrounding a meridian controls, are shaped with twin opposite china tones.

Same goes for a meridian arrangement itself, that looks like a Toyota parts-bin cost-cut interjection to a seven-segment LCD display. There’s other lifeless sum too, like a plain black cosmetic approximate on a outboard lurch vents, an off-centre chair belt warning light recess above a analogue time that looks like a last-minute afterthought, and stitching sum that are contrasted in some areas, nonetheless colour-matched in others with no genuine rhyme or reason.

By distant a biggest interior crime has to be Lexus choice of infotainment interface. While many German competitors use click-wheel form controllers in unison with touchpads or touchscreens, Lexus perseveres with a laptop-style rodent pad – a ideally excellent resolution in a still vehicle, nonetheless a scarcely unfit to use resolution on-the-go.

Befitting it’s driver-centric concentration a LC500 puts a frail TFT instrument row forward of a driver, with changing graphics that compare a comparison expostulate mode, as good as a splendid and easy to review heap-up display.

Controls for both expostulate mode and fortitude control are also, rather unusually, mounted possibly side of a instrument approximate giving an intriguing aircraft-inspired blueprint to a dash.


  • Engine: 5.0-litre petrol V8, 351kW @7100rpm, 540Nm @4800rpm
  • Transmission: 10-speed automatic, behind circle drive
  • Suspension: Four-wheel eccentric cessation with adaptive dampers
  • Brakes: 338mm vented front discs six-piston calipers, 308mm vented behind discs four-piston calipers
  • Steering: Electric energy steering, 10.8m branch circle

In what can usually be described as a compare finished in heaven, a prolonged and low nose of a LC 500 plays horde to a free-revving 5.0-litre V8 that produces a abounding and tawny soundtrack that signifies all good about V8 engines.

A discerning stat-check unveils 351kW and a disagreeable 7100rpm redline, while torque measures 540Nm during 4800rpm – revability that turbocharged V8 engines in rivals can’t match, even if outputs are scaled behind as a result.

Because Lexus insists a LC is some-more of a grand tourer than a genuine sportscar a 4.7-second 0-100 km/h explain is forgivable, and law be told, with a accelerator flattened to a building there doesn’t seem to be most call for anything swifter.

A rather round 1935kg kerb weight competence good be a weight on your mind though. While a LC500 can fibre together a set of corners with startling enthusiasm, it doesn’t utterly have a lively or finely honed feel that we competence find in something like a Jaguar F-Type interjection to a combined weight pulling it down.

There’s no stealing a large 21-inch wheels either, shod with wide, low form rubber (245/40 R21 adult front, 275/35 R21 during a rear) that tend to amplify some of a LC’s rougher float characteristics.

The cessation is usually only peaceful adequate to wear a oppulance tag, feeling some-more assertive than a rest of a car’s systems and formulating a cut for buyers who competence simply buy a LC to be seen in rather than punted hard.

Lexus has also introduced a 10-speed involuntary delivery on a LC500, a technological attainment on paper, nonetheless one that loses some of a flicker on a road, constantly cycling by gears each integrate of seconds in a lessen and upsurge of city traffic, or shuffling down one or twin gears during a time on even a mildest of inlines on a open road.

Slot a automobile selector into a primer detent however, and a LC does something no prior Lexus involuntary has finished before, indeed obeying a infancy of motorist final and holding onto gears tough opposite a redline.

Couple that with a divergent throttle-blip on downshift and a wholloping moment from full-noise upshifts and a LC500 engages in a approach no prior Lexus detached from a LFA supercar has.

There’s a impetus to a LC that feels new and uninformed for Lexus, from steering that responds quickly, to a fortitude control complement that won’t clamp down on peaceful scrutiny of a energetic boundary a large coupe treads new domain for a brand. But in a approach that will still be informed to prior owners of reduction sparkling models.

That’s good news for destiny owners of obtuse Lexus models too, with destiny rear-driven product to adopt a same all-new platform, and associated wiring systems, as used underneath a LC – starting with a new LS sedan after this year.


ANCAP Rating: The Lexus LC has nonetheless to be rated by ANCAP.

Safety Features: Standard reserve apparatus includes 8 airbags (dual front, motorist and newcomer knee, curtain, and front chair side), electronic fortitude and traction control, pre-collision warning and braking (autonomous puncture braking), line gripping support with steering assist, blind mark guard and behind cranky trade alert, tyre vigour monitoring, pedestrian-protecting pop-up bonnet, and reversing camera.


Warranty: Four years/100,000km

Servicing: Lexus does not offer capped-price or prepaid use contracts to private buyers, nonetheless corporate programme aftercare is accessible to business customers. Service prices competence vary, deliberate your Lexus play for a quote.


With sexy styling and an insinuate two-seat cabin a Jaguar F-Type is about as tighten as we can get to a LC, You competence not be means to get into a V8 for a same money, nonetheless there’s a shining supercharged V6 accessible and a choice of a automobile if you’d prefer.

Part coupe, partial roadster interjection to a folding tough top, a Mercedes-Benz SL does grand furloughed beautifully. You’ll compensate a small some-more for a birthright that comes with a badge nonetheless what you’ll get is certain to stir all-round.

Think of chosen sportscars and your mind will substantially hang on a Porsche 911. An idol interjection to finely-honed dynamics and looks that are singular in a sector, driven by a automatic blueprint that’s equally as rare.

Stocks will be singular as a stream BMW 6 Series prepares to give approach to a new era car, nonetheless for that you’ll still have a choice of torque-monster turbocharged true 6 or V8 engines. The 6 Series competence not be as singular or polarising as a LC is certain to be, nonetheless that doesn’t lessen a appeal.


As most as Lexus appears to have finished a play for new business who competence have differently deliberate something some-more exotic, after time behind a circle it’s transparent that Lexus has combined a next-step for existent Lexus owners.

The rawness ultra-agile feel of cars like a Jaguar F-Type or comprehensive robust bruatility of a twin-turbo BMW or Benz are blank from a LC500. This automobile competence offer supermodel good looks, nonetheless delivers librarian levels of pushing thrills.

There’s change stirring with Lexus, and a LC500 drives with clarity and self-assurance that’s lovely to see. Perhaps if Lexus can find a approach to repair a repeated calamity that is a infotainment complement a code would indeed mount a possibility of toppling extraction sports cars.

Until afterwards leave a radio off and a windows down and splash in one of a final undeviating V8 soundtracks accessible – it’s good adequate on a possess to clear a LC’s existence.

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