2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2.0 Si4, automobile review: This has it-car created all over it

Land Rover is positioning this new drop-top during a reward finish of a Evoque range. So it’s suitable that we’re contrast it here with a reward engine – a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol putting out a really accessible 237bhp.

It does have a large 1936kg to shift, though. That’s due to all a strengthening compulsory to keep a ragtop physique as unbending as a original’s.

The outcome is an 8.6-second scurry time, that is adequate yet frequency sporty. It’s positively faster than a TD4, that will hoover adult many sales, yet with a large cube reduction torque than a diesel it keeps a customary nine-speed automobile box tough during work.

So it’s not accurately cold underneath tough acceleration – it doesn’t take most on a shrill pedal to incite kickdowns, to a rather vapid degree.

Not that a vehicle’s weight lends itself to an interesting expostulate in any case. While it controls itself cleanly enough, tough steering and braking feel like an effort.

Why, then, would we compensate an additional £700 to get a faster engine? It does sound nicer than a infrequently loud diesel, yet in ubiquitous that’s a good question.

And this Evoque’s strongest suits can be enjoyed with possibly engine. The multiple of a high seating position and wide-opening roof meant it’s a good approach to see a universe around you. If usually we could relax and suffer a float in a process.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible HSE Dynamic

Location: France 
On sale: Spring 
Price: £52,400 
Engine: 4 cyls, 1999cc, turbo, petrol 
Power: 237bhp during 5800rpm 
Torque: 251lb ft during 1750rpm 
Gearbox: 9-spd automatic 
Kerb weight: 1936kg 
Top speed: 130mph 
0-62mph: 8.6sec 
Economy: 32.9mpg (combined) 
CO2/tax band: 201g/km, 35 per cent

You can’t, though, unless a highway is (at slightest by British standards) scarcely smooth. The Evoque is too stiffly sprung for that. There’s small in a approach of any additional shimmying from a body, yet – we competence notice it if we go looking, yet it’s some-more expected to be drowned out by all a argy-bargy in a suspension.

So from a purist’s perspective, there are constrained reasons to give this Evoque a swerve. If what you’re looking for is a stylish family car, it’s most a same story – in a genuine world, a behind seats are usually suitable for kids, and what’s left of a foot space is a shade of what we get from a tin-top version.

Why, then, would anybody partial with £52,400 to get their hands on this car? Simply this. Land Rover didn’t compensate Victoria Beckham all that income for nothing, and some-more than ever now a Evoque is a four-wheeled essence of Posh Spice.

Traditional Land Rover fans scream with scorn during that fact, yet there we are. We’d hang with a diesel, that is most cheaper to run and nicer to expostulate – yet possibly way, if we wish to be seen this summer, a Evoque Convertible has it-car created all over it.

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