2016 Honda Civic Red Bull GRC

The Global Rallycross competence not have a status of Formula One or a following of NASCAR, though it certain has finished a name for itself as one of a many sparkling racing array in a world. A handful of automakers, including Ford, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet already have racers that contest in a series, and for a 2016 season, another one is fasten in on a fun.

Honda is entering a overlay this deteriorate as a new foe automobile provider of a Red Bull Olsbergs MSE team, deliberate in a Rallycross spin as a many achieved group in a series’ brief history, carrying won 4 of a series’ initial 5 championships. In fact, a usually one it mislaid was a 2015 title, that expected brought about a change in race cars. Whatever a reasons are, Olsbergs MSE has traded a Fiesta ST as a team’s central racer for a Honda Civic Red Bull GSR.

The foe automobile is radically a loosely formed chronicle of a prolongation Civic Coupe. It’s been totally recalibrated by Olsbergs and Honda Performance Division for rallycross use, right down to a prevalent use of Red Bull livery. 2014 GRC champion Joni Wiman and 2015 runner-up Sebastian Eriksson will once again foe for Olsbergs MSE. While they did have a lot of success with a Fiesta ST, they’re going to be entering a opening spin of a 2016 Red Bull GRC in Phoenix, Arizona with a new automobile that a group hopes can safe a drivers behind to a tip of a championship standing.

The 2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross deteriorate starts off in May 2016.

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Honda Civic Red Bull GRC

At initial glance, The Civic Red Bull GRC doesn’t deviating divided from a looks of a customary coupe. But, there are some critical changes to a car, many of that were finished for racing reasons. Take a demeanour during a front for example. With a difference of a headlights, all is indeed opposite there. The front fender of a prolongation indication has been transposed by a some-more cut chronicle that facilities a vast intake in a center that should assistance send some-more atmosphere to a turbocharged engine. Speaking of which, a span of vents have been combined to a hood of a car, expected finished to let out some of a feverishness entrance off of a engine.

The front fender of a prolongation indication has been transposed by a some-more cut chronicle that facilities a vast intake in a center that should assistance send some-more atmosphere to a turbocharged engine

The haze lamps on a customary indication are also left and, if we demeanour during a tip territory of a front grille, you’ll see a new plane bar that’s not all that opposite from a one next it. It’s not manifest from any of a photos, though given a automobile is going to be used for racing purposes, design an underbody ensure somewhere in there too. Air vents on both sides of a racer and a large back spoiler finish a aerodynamic changes to a car.

From a cosmetic standpoint, a changes are obvious. Almost a a whole physique of a Civic Red Bull is lonesome with decals and liveries, many of that are Red Bull’s logo. Honda Honda ’s trademark is also in there, as are a Civic’s trademark and that of Honda Racing and some of a team’s partners and suppliers, including BG Goodrich and KMC Wheels, a latter of that supposing those glossy red rims.


There are no interior shots of a Civic Red Bull GRC though given a automobile has been converted into a convene automobile for all intents and purposes, don’t design to see a common array of quadruped amenities found on a customary Civic Coupe. Instead, a cabin has been nude down and given standard-issue convene gear, that should contain of a hurl cage, foe seats, a digital readout, an additional prolonged rigging shifter, and a blueprint of switches and buttons that are common place among convene foe racers. A telemetry complement should also be found on house a Civic Red Bull GRC, though other than these critical convene elements, don’t design there being anything that could import a automobile down when it’s racing.


Honda Civic Red Bull GRC

Very few sum were given on a engine, though Honda pronounced that foe automobile builder Olsbergs MSE (OMSE,) worked in partnership with a possess opening division, Honda Performance Devel Devel opment (HPD) to give a Civic Red Bull GRC an implausible 600 horsepower. That’s adequate to scurry from 0 to 60 mph in an unimaginable 1.9 seconds to go with a ability to facilely hoop those 70-foot list jumps that are hackneyed in a Global Rallycross Series. we can’t suppose a Civic’s 2.0-liter, DOHC, i-VTEC, four-cylinder engine being means to accommodate that kind of power, so design large turbochargers to be obliged for a outlay removing dialed adult to 600 ponies.


Pricing sum weren’t announced and don’t design one to be publicly disclosed. This is a foe automobile after all and as such, it’s doubtful to be accessible for open use anytime soon.


Volkswagen Beetle GRC

Volkswagen Beetle GRC

The Ford Fiesta ST competence be a winningest automobile in a story of a Global Rallycross Series, though a Ford’s run of prevalence was finished final year by a unlikeliest of cars: a Volkswagen Volkswagen Beetle GRC. It competence seem bizarre to speak about a Beetle as a foe automobile unless Herbie’s name is being thrown around, though a law is foreigner than novella sometimes. The story books of a Global Rallycross will perpetually contend that Scott Speed won a array for Volkswagen, with Andretti Rallycross behind a circle of a Beetle GRC.

This year, a Beetle GRC will be staring down Olsbergs MSE’s new Civic Red Bull racer to emanate another sparkling championship showdown that has spin some-more action-packed with any flitting season. No sum have been expelled per a new Beetle racer’s opening capabilities, though design it to be improved than it was in seasons past when it featured a 1.6-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder, TSI engine that constructed 544 horsepower, permitting it to scurry from 0 to 60 mph in usually 2.1 seconds.

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Subaru WRX STI Rallycross Car

The Subaru WRX STI GRC hasn’t had a many successful of runs in a Global Rallycross Series. Its been rival in a past, though it hasn’t been means to interpret that competitiveness into tangible foe wins. It’s a contrition since a team’s lineup of drivers are all achieved stars in their possess right. Not a lot of people design them to contest in a championship this season, though with a new WRX STI GRC heading a way, it should be means to fibre off a integrate of surprises. For that to happen, WRX STI GRC should be improved than it has ever been.

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Honda Civic Red Bull GRC

I’ve usually seen a handful of races from a Global Rallycross Series, though from my singular knowledge with a series, we can contend unquestionably that it’s one of a many sparkling racing competitions in a world. From a pristine movement mount point, there’s unequivocally zero utterly like it. Olsbergs MSE has been a many successful group in a series’ brief history, though with a group losing a championship to Volkswagen Andretti final year, there are a lot of expectations for Olsbergs to once again flex a Global Rallycross Series muscles. The fact that it has transposed a Ford Fiesta ST with a new Civic Red Bull GRC usually adds to a expectancy that Olsbergs will be ruin focussed on reclaiming a crown.


     Has a good group behind it Can’t go wrong with 600 horsepower Proper aero and interior for convene purposes


     Still unproven in a foe setting Can’t be bought by private citizens

Press Release

Today Honda denounced a new racing clothing for a Civic Red Bull Global Rallycross racecar, announcing skeleton to debate a all-new turbocharged 2016 Civic Coupe in a 2016 array in partnership with Red Bull and championship-winning foe group Olsbergs MSE. The Honda Civic Red Bull GRC group will start racing on May 21 in Phoenix during a initial eventuality of a season.

Honda Civic Red Bull GRC

Developed from a production-model 2016 Civic Coupe framework by eminent builders and racers Olsbergs MSE (OMSE) with technical assistance from Honda Performance Development (HPD), a all-new Civic Red Bull GRC automobile is built to withstand a severe final of racing in a array that emphasizes steady assertive acceleration and sundry terrain. The automobile will exaggerate some-more than 600 horsepower, spin in a 0-60 mph time of 1.9 seconds and is designed to hoop a 70 feet table-top jumps featured on any racetrack.

“Global Rallycross is severely impassioned racing, and it’s a superb height to showcase a new Civic Coupe to an enthusiastic, performance-minded immature audience,” pronounced Nick Lee, National Advertising Manager, American Honda Motor Co, Inc. “We won’t inspire a business to take 70-foot jumps out on a street, though we will use this height to tell people about all a implausible record and opening capabilities of a new Civic Coupe.”

Driving a 2016 Honda Civic Red Bull GRC automobile for Team Honda are gifted competitors and former teammates Sebastian Eriksson and Joni Wiman. Eriksson, from Sweden, and Wiman, from Finland, have both finished their symbol in a series, with Wiman winning a 2014 Global Rallycross Championship and Eriksson finishing second in 2015. The dual met in foe during a 2013 GRC Lites season, where Eriksson finished runner-up to Wiman, who swept a series.

Honda’s entrance into Red Bull Global Rallycross is a latest in a different portfolio of North American veteran and grassroots automobile racing programs upheld by Honda that embody a Verizon IndyCar Series, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, Pirelli World Challenge, United States F4 Championship and mixed Touring Car and Rally Car series.

Honda Civic Red Bull GRC

Red Bull Global Rallycross is designed to furnish some of a fastest and many sparkling racing in motorsports, pitting tiny production-based cars opposite any other in door-to-door racing featuring dirt, asphalt, and table-top jumps. The 2016 Honda Global Rallycross Civic will make a racing entrance on May 21 and May 22 with a double header eventuality during Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix, Arizona. For some-more information revisit www.RedBullGlobalRallycross.com.

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