2016 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

The new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro looks cool. Menacing nonetheless worldly with a hunkered-down stance, it’s a good automobile to be seen in. But like a previous-generation Camaro, a sixth-gen car’s chunky, chopped-roof pattern creates for terrible visibility, both central and outward. Enter a new-for-2016 Camaro convertible, that opens adult a coupe’s pillbox perspective during a press of a symbol yet sacrificing a Camaro’s glorious pushing behavior.

Let It All Down

As with Chevy’s prior softtop hack cars, a latest indication sticks with an insulated fabric roof, in colors including black, dim blue, and a dim brownish-red called Kalahari. Its execution, however, is improved integrated into a automobile than prior efforts. All of a actions are programmed and a flush-fitting tonneau cover now conceals a folded structure behind a behind seats. You can even dump a tip from a stretch with a car’s pivotal fob. We found a roof takes about 12 seconds to reduce and 14 to put behind in place, and possibly operation can be achieved while relocating during speeds of adult to 30 mph. The new Camaro’s towering cover and instrument binnacle still stand a perspective forward and a A-pillars are thick, yet with a tip stowed a car’s large blind spots disappear and a views out turn mostly unobstructed.

The embellished tough tonneau lends a simply finished coming to a Camaro convertible. There’s no confused mass of fabric and steel here. Moving a shark-fin receiver to a behind decklid crowds a spoiler a little, yet altogether it’s a neat pattern that’s certain to pull admiring stares. Atmospheric penetration with a roof lowered is good managed, too. Buffeting is minimal and a rushing atmosphere is still adequate during highway speeds that front passengers can simply converse, even with a side windows down. With a tip raised, highway and breeze bark are usually somewhat increasing contra a coupe.

The Trade-offs

There are drawbacks, though. With a convertible’s softtop closely mimicking a coupe’s profile, prominence with a roof adult is poor, and a cut of a behind window is smaller than a hardtop’s, serve tying rearward vision. The Camaro’s behind seats are still comically parsimonious on legroom, and a tip resource pinches behind occupants’ shoulder room. The tip also cooking adult changed space in a already-small trunk, with ability dropping from a coupe’s 9 cubic feet to usually 7 with a tip adult and 3 with a roof stowed. That’s hardly adequate room for dual duffel bags underneath a Camaro’s little trunklid.

As you’d expect, stealing a steel roof takes some constructional acerbity with it. Despite a new framework carrying incomparable torsional rigidity than a prior iteration’s, a automobile acclimatisation requires several underbody reinforcements, as good as a front strut-tower prop on SS models. The structure still feels solid, though. We didn’t notice any shakes from a windshield on a well-spoken dried roads during a expostulate in Nevada and California, yet slight quivers could be felt by a steering circle over incomparable bumps.

Chevy says that a 2016 convertibles are about 200 pounds lighter than allied 2015 Camaro droptops, including a integrate hundred of additional pounds brought by a additional braces and tip mechanism. Expect a V-8–powered SS to brush a two-ton mark. The convertible’s combined mass should also impact acceleration by a few tenths contra a coupes, with a SS’s quarter-miles climbing into a mid-to-high-12-second operation and obtuse models stretching into a mid-14s. We’ll endorse those estimates, and how good a mutated structure copes with Michigan’s damaged pavement, once we get a possibility to entirely exam a cars.

The View Costs

Equipment and trim mostly mirrors a offerings on coupes, yet during towering bottom prices trimming from $33,695 to $44,295—a robust $7000 aloft than identical hardtops. Either a six-speed primer or an eight-speed involuntary ($1495) can be interconnected with a new 275-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, a 335-hp V-6, or a SS’s 455-hp 6.2-liter V-8. All of General Motors’ latest safety, convenience, and infotainment rigging is available, as are a brood of coming and circle options for customization.

The droptop Camaros’ altogether feel is usually somewhat softer than that of their fixed-roof counterparts, and they share a coupes’ near-neutral opinion during a adhesion limit, accurate steering, and eagerness to shave apexes. Fuel economy is rated a same, too, led by a turbo 4 and a 31-mpg highway figure. This is still most a same Camaro that won a C/D 10Best Cars endowment on a entrance and, in SS guise, kick a 2015 Ford Mustang GT in a initial comparison test. Being means to reduce a roof creates it easier to see out while cruising on a balmy day—and easier for others to see how most you’re enjoying it.

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