20 C-List Celebs With Rides They Could Not Afford

Celebrities aren’t always a best during handling their money. When they land that large purpose or pointer their initial vital record deal, they don’t consider about either it could be their last. They usually wish to spend that money.

The problem is not any luminary becomes a Kylie Jenner or Jay-Z; Forbes reports that any of their net value values come out to $900 million. Only a few conduct to mangle into that tip 1 percent of a tip 1 percenters.

That’s because there exists tiers of celebrities that a open labels underneath A-list, B-list, C-list and so on. While A-list stars can means their possess island, along with any swift of cars they can suppose (think Floyd Mayweather), ones serve down a food sequence get by with less.

The B-listers such as Dave Bautista, Olivia Munn, and Chadwick Boseman, to name a few examples, make adequate to get a few notable cars. Boseman flaunted his Lexus LC 500h just final year.

Then we have a C-list celebrities. Fewer people know them, nonetheless they’ve had their strike shows, their one-hit wonders or YouTube videos that gave them their impulse in a limelight. They like to consider they’re many some-more famous than they unequivocally are though, and that leads to trouble.

Although they have millions of dollars, they don’t have a millions to means a best outlandish oppulance vehicles a A-list or even B-list celeb can afford. There are copiousness of C-list celebrities who acted with or rode in oppulance cars their obtuse salaries couldn’t afford; we’ve dull them all adult in a list below.

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20 Lindsay Lohan’s Net Worth Of $800,000 Isn’t Enough For This Rolls-Royce

via justJared

It’s tenable either Lindsay Lohan falls underneath a C-list celeb category. When one thinks about it though, she hasn’t unequivocally been in any vital film for years. What isn’t arguable, however, is her net worth, that has depressed on tough times. Although it’s tough to believe, Celebrity Net Worth reports that she’s value about $800,000 these days.

That usually isn’t going to cut it when it comes to affording costly cars. Take this Rolls-Royce, for example, she’s seen roving around in. Those can simply cost $300,000 or more, that would take roughly half of her net value before accounting any word and upkeep costs.

19 Megan Fox’s Net Worth Of $8 Million Isn’t Enough For This Simon Doonan Edition Jaguar

via Biser3a

Megan Fox is best famous for starring in a authorization that showcased singular oppulance and sports cars. Thanks in partial to her roles behaving in both Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of a Fallen, she’s managed to move her altogether net value adult to around $8 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. That isn’t bad for a C-list celebrity. It’s a small light yet for affording some of a vehicles a press speckled her posing with.

Here she’s attending a special Jaguar eventuality where they showed off a garland of special book cars, including one that a site Stuff Fly People Like confirms Simon Doonan, conform icon, had a partial in operative on.

18 Tara Reid’s Net Worth Of $2 Million Isn’t Enough For This McLaren

via Beyondfashionmagazine.com

Tara Reid’s large mangle came in a form of the Pie movies. Those launched in a late ‘90s. Although she dabbled in other roles after that, she’s given depressed out of a limelight. Recently she’s gained some-more recognition or prominence (depending on one’s opinion) due to a Sharknado franchise.

Here Reid is posing in front of a pleasing white McLaren for a glamorous photoshoot. With a net value of what Cheat Sheet reports comes out to around $2 million, we’d contend she’d be tough pulpy shopping a automobile that would cost her about a tenth of how many income she’s got.

17 MC Hammer’s Net Worth Of $1.5 million Isn’t Enough For This Rolls-Royce Sweptail

via Twitter user @MCHammer

MC Hammer done waves for his rapping, dancing, and for those parachute pants. It’s no consternation he’s managed to make income over his career. His net value these days isn’t as high as one would suppose though. The site Celebrity Net Worth notes it’s during about $1.5 million today. That hasn’t stopped him from creation appearances during intemperate functions, including one during Lake Como, Italy, where he posted a print on Twitter hire successive to an costly Rolls-Royce Sweptail.

Business Insider reports that this intemperate one-off tradition costs a whopping $13 million. That unequivocally prices out MC Hammer who’s going to have to make a quip if he ever wants a automobile like this.

16 Nikki Bella’s Net Worth Of $6 Million Isn’t Enough For This Lamborghini

via Pinterest

Those who watch pro wrestling, along with a existence TV uncover Total Bellas, knows Nikki Bella is about good cars. She’s got $6 million to spend, as a site Celebrity Net Worth reveals, so she substantially doesn’t feel to bogged down by expenses.

Then again, a Lamborghini like this one would take a large square of her net worth, that competence make her postponement before diving into such a large purchase. Then again, maybe she could go halfsies on it with her twin sister and ring partner Brie, who seems to have usually as many of an affinity for intemperate cars as good (unlike father Daniel Bryan).

15 Audrina Patridge’s Net Worth Of $5 Million Isn’t Enough For This Pepsi 500 Event Car

via Total Pro Sports

Best famous for her spin in a existence uncover called The Hills, Audrina Patridge has been a luminary for years. She hasn’t had a mangle bigger than that though. Despite arguably attack her biggest career breakthrough, her net value lands during about $5 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Over 10 years ago, while The Hills was still on a air, Total Pro Sports reports that Patridge done an coming during a 2008 Pepsi 500. She’s seen here hire successive to a automobile with a special Pepsi paint job. While Patridge could expected travel divided with a car, she’d have to compensate a large cube in sequence to buy it.

14 Heidi Montag’s Net Worth Of $20,000 Isn’t Enough For This 1968 Chevy Camaro SS

via JustJared

Reality TV has done copiousness of C-list celebs over a years. One who had her 15 mins of luminary was Heidi Montag when she starred in The Hills. She came in with one of a reduce net amounts on a list though. The site Celebrity Net Worth reports that Montag is value about $20,000.

Here she’s photographed with a pleasing 1968 Chevy Camaro SS that’s certain to make automobile enthusiasts all over jealous. AutoEvolution reported behind in 2009 that it was a present from her fiancée forward of their marriage (more on who her fiancée during a time and father currently is serve down a list).

13 Porsha Williams Stewart’s Net Worth Of $500,000 Isn’t Enough For This Rolls-Royce

via Tamara Tattles

For those who aren’t aware, Porsha Williams Stewart’s explain to luminary is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s also famous for marrying Kordell Stewart, a former NFL player. She’s all about display off her resources and in this photo, a Rolls-Royce. The thing is, she doesn’t unequivocally have a mix to means one.

A automobile like this has to during slightest run $300,000 or more, while Celebrity Net Worth puts Stewart’s bank comment around $500,000. She’s going to have to do another few seasons of existence TV if she wants to supplement this car—or any like it—to her fleet.

12 Blac Chyna’s Net Worth Of $4 Million Isn’t Enough For This Rolls-Royce

via People

No one can censure a luminary for wanting a Rolls-Royce, or even treating themselves to one with their hard-earned cash. Then again, not any luminary can means one. Blac Chyna, who’s best famous for a attribute to Rob Kardashian and successive descending out, bought herself a intemperate Rolls-Royce. People Magazine reports that it cost $400,000.

Celebrity Net Worth notes that she’s value about $4 million. That means that about an eighth of her income went down a drain. While a Rolls-Royce is beautiful, Chyna competence have bitten off some-more than she could chew. What done it even harder to trust was that she was usually a month divided from carrying a baby during a time, that costs a lot of money.

11 Ansel Elgort’s Net Worth Of $5 Million Isn’t Enough For This Porsche 918 Spyder

via Porsche Newsroom

There are some actors who get a event to be around some truly cold cars. Take Ansel Elgort, for example, who recently starred in a film Baby Driver where he plays a getaway driver. In a post on Porsche’s newsroom territory of their website, Elgort got to give a outline of a 918 Spyder model. This automobile is fast, pleasing and comes with a 4.6-liter V8 engine.

Sadly, Elgort had to speak about a automobile that’s a small outward his financial range. The site Celebrity Net Worth reports that he has about $5 million interjection to a vital cinema he’s starred in, yet it’s not adequate to aver shopping an $845,000 car.

10 Kimberley Garner’s Net Worth Of $1 Million Isn’t Enough For This Ferrari

via HawtCelebs

Kimberley Garner has done her income many opposite ways, from being a indication to an singer to a swimwear designer. The site Celebsolino reports that her net value comes out to around $1 million. While that’s positively a healthy volume of money, it doesn’t utterly make a Ferrari value picking up.

She competence be improved off some-more with a BMW M2 or Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE. A Ferrari, on a other hand, is some-more matched to A-listers. These cars can start during $200,000 and would take out one-fifth of her income right off a bat. That wouldn’t be a correct automobile shopping preference for a starlet.

9 2 Chainz’s Net Worth Of $6 Million Isn’t Enough For This Lamborghini Huracan

via speedvegas.com

2 Chainz has a swat career many dream of. He’s not a biggest rapper around though, so he can’t go buy whatever automobile he wants. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s got about $6 million, that is going to means him copiousness of good cars. With that kind of money, he’s on his approach to putting together a good automobile collection. We usually don’t consider a Lamborghini Huracan, like a one he’s hire successive to here, is a approach to go.

That automobile starts during around $200,000, that takes divided a healthy sum from his bottom line. As cold as a Lamborghini is, he should demeanour during another car.

8 Iggy Azalea’s Net Worth Of $6 Million Isn’t Enough For This Ferrari

via Times Square Gossip

Coming out of a Land Down Under, Iggy Azalea strike a theatre a few years ago with her strike song, “Fancy.” That was a large strain for Azalea that skyrocketed her to a tip of a Billboard charts in 2014. It’s no consternation afterwards that she’s managed to grasp a net value of about $6 million, as per a site Celebrity Net Worth.

A Ferrari is going to take a large cube from her value though, that is what Azalea sports here during a gas station. It even looks like she’s had someone else fill adult a automobile for her unless it’s, in fact, their car and not hers.

7 DMX’s Net Worth Of $10 Million Isn’t Enough For This Rolls-Royce

via Hot Trending Now

Can DMX means a Rolls-Royce? While we’re not ones to decider celebrities or advise how they should spend their money, we usually consider it wouldn’t be a best investment to take on for a rapper. With a top indicate of this rapper’s career function behind in a ’90s, he substantially stretched himself too distant by posing with a Rolls-Royce on a manuscript design for his 2001 recover “The Great Depression.”

The automobile even looks like it’s ragged down and past a prime. With what Celebrity Net Worth claims is $10 million to his name, he could positively buy a Rolls-Royce, yet it’d take a healthy cube out of his money.

6 TYGA’s Net Worth Of $3 Million Isn’t Enough For This Lamborghini

via microphonebully.com

Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, improved famous by his theatre name of TYGA—which stands for Thank You God Always—is a rapper who antiquated Kylie Jenner. Like many rappers, he’s all about being adorned and sporting a rides too. His net value is somewhat reduction than people would suppose yet for all a cars he’s speckled in.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s got about $3 million. While that creates him an abundant rapper, it’s insignificant when one considers a cost of a world’s excellent cars. Here he’s posing successive to a Lamborghini that could finish adult holding divided hundreds of thousands of his net value overnight.

5 Janice Dickinson’s Net Worth Of $500,000 Isn’t Enough For This Mazda

via celebs-place.com

Janice Dickson has done her income by a series of ways. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she’s a model, photograph, and author. No one doubts her talents and ability to live a dream. Though what we will disagree is either she’s done adequate income to possess this neat Mazda.

The same source points out that she’s value about $500,000. While a Mazda like this won’t accurately mangle a bank, she isn’t braggadocio a biggest net value around, even when it comes to C-listers. She competence need another book understanding if she wants to means one, or another oppulance automobile that’s comparable.

4 Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth Of $500,000 Isn’t Enough For This Rolls-Royce

via e90post.com

Dennis Rodman was one of a many widespread defensive players in a NBA. These days, he’s some-more of a passenger though, even spending some of his days in unfamiliar areas. Here he’s seen hire successive to a Rolls-Royce stuffing adult during a Chevron. A automobile like this can’t cost reduction than $300,000 or so, that would be some-more than Rodman’s value comes out to these days.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s value about $500,000 today. Although he lives a adorned lifestyle, a best he could wish for is spasmodic roving around in a Rolls-Royce, yet not indeed owning one.

3 Stephen Tobolowsky’s Net Worth Of $1.5 Million Isn’t Enough For This Maserati

via stephentobolowsky.com

Stephen Tobolowsky is a informed actor who’s been in a lot of roles yet whose name isn’t as widely known. That creates him a quintessential C-lister. Some of his many distinguished roles embody SpaceballsGroundhog Day and Memento. On his central website, a actor posted a print of him sitting on a corner of a Maserati front seat.

With a net value of $1.5 million, his income looks spare compared to what a Maserati like this costs. Those cars can cost good above $100,000, that would be a vital cut out of Tobolowsky’s altogether value in money. Maybe if he gets a few some-more roles, it could be a opposite story though.

2 Eddie Griffin’s Net Worth Of $5 Million Isn’t Enough For This Ferrari

via Jalopnik

Eddie Griffin is with a Ferrari in this photo, yet it looks like a seen improved days. He’s got a net value of about $5 million, as per a site Celebrity Net Worth, so he can means one. It usually competence not be a best squeeze though, deliberation how costly they are.

What’s unequivocally worrisome is either Griffin is obliged for this Ferrari’s damage. If so, he’s going to have to compensate a lot some-more usually to say a automobile over time. That competence be a bit some-more than a comedian can afford, so he competence be best steering transparent of a Ferrari altogether.

1 Spencer Pratt’s Net Worth Of $20,000 Isn’t Enough For This 1968 Chevy Camaro SS

via JustJared

Spencer Pratt was a existence star who married Heidi Montag, who we lonesome early on a list. With her net value of $20,000, and Pratt’s $20,000 to match—as per Celebrity Net Worth—their sum total finances come out to around $40,000. That’s not adequate to means a good automobile like this 1968 Chevy Camaro SS.

It was Pratt’s marriage present behind in 2009 to Montag according to AutoEvolution; one can usually think they had some-more mix behind then. Today, their finances wouldn’t concede them to get this automobile that would substantially cost about half of their total net worth.

Sources: Forbes, Cheat Sheet, Stuff Fly People Like, Celebrity Net Worth, Total Pro Sports, StephenTobolowsky.com, Twitter, AutoEvolution, People Magazine, Porsche, Celebsolino, Billboard

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