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Published on Mar 11th, 2018
by Loren McDonald


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2017 was a year a doubt around a destiny of electric vehicles went from “If?” to “When?”

2017 electric automobile news headlines

And a few months into 2018 sees stability momentum. Not a week (sometimes a day) goes by yet an proclamation of a new electric automobile entrance to marketplace in a future, a enlargement of quick charging networks, and advances in battery technology.

What does a rest of 2018 reason in store for electric vehicles?

My possess CleanTechnica predictions article, “2 Dozen Electric Vehicle Predictions For 2018,” generated 394 comments and some good review about approaching EV trends function in 2018. That rendezvous with CleanTechnica readers desirous me to afterwards find out predictions from several attention experts.

So, to try what some of a biggest electric automobile (EV) trends competence be in 2018, we prisoner a insights and predictions from 14 attention experts (see credentials during a finish of a article) by carrying them answer this question:

What will be a biggest electric automobile news story or expansion in 2018?

The easiest approach to review a experts’ predictions is by observation a quotes and predictions in a following PowerPoint display on SlideShare (linked below). But I’ve also grabbed a quotes and orderly them subsequent by 4 extended subject areas.

Electric Vehicle Adoption

Doug Campbell, Solid Power — 2017 saw many vital automakers and ruling bodies guarantee a transition to all-electric, duration plug-in automobile sales surpassed 1% of a tellurian market. We have given schooled a extensive volume about battery mandate and opening indispensable to clear this market, yet a same bid needs to be placed in pushing consumer adoption.

Following final year’s commitments, 2018 will be a rhythm point; with softened technology, automobile diversity, and altogether sales trust assisting propel a EV patron bottom over early adopters. 

Matt Teske, Chargeway — Throughout 2018, news of arriving electric cars will continue to increase, eliciting some-more seductiveness from a entire public. This trend will strew a brighter light on a prerequisite to urge electric automobile selling and communication plan in sequence to contest some-more effectively with gas-powered vehicles.

Explaining a electric automobile patron trust some-more simply to dealerships and normal people is a tip priority for augmenting sales. Without a new plan electric cars will continue to have a niche temperament with consumers.

Scott Mercer, Volta Charging — EV adoption and charging infrastructure will strech a tipping indicate as U.S. drivers enter a age of EVs yet compromise. We’ve found that 81% of people already live within 5 miles of an EV charging station, and 56% live within 2 miles of one.

But in 2018, infrastructure entrance and recognition will join supply as pivotal articulate points in a e-mobility review – and we will see a vast proliferation of useful, concept EV infrastructure. 

CARMA - EV Adoption Framework

Caradoc Ehrenhalt, EV Safe Charge — Auto manufacturers are committing to fewer gas-powered vehicles, so we see a biggest expansion is a altogether ‘pull’ being instituted by those automobile makers for infrastructure that’ll assistance support that outrageous expansion in vehicles over a entrance decades.

Convenience and “range confidence” will grow enormously, with thespian drops in “fueling” time as Level 2 and DC Fast charging come online. While bound infrastructure stays a series one priority, mobile charging systems will make entrance many easier, generally in this transitory time.

Isaac Wittenstein, TEQ Charging — This year we will see a initial set of inhabitant mainstream advertisements for electric vehicles opposite mixed brands. The augmenting recognition and trust of electric vehicles and a infrastructure will be vicious in shortening a stress and augmenting comfort in selecting electric.

These some-more prepared and vigilant buyers will also outcome in some-more intent and EV-friendly salespeople during dealerships, eventually assisting change a marketplace from early adopters to a early majority.

EV Charging Developments

Alex Gruzen, WiTricity — The initial EV from a vital automaker will boat with wireless charging. Everything is going wireless and EVs are no different. No mess, no con and no plugs. As BMW recently started promoting, Wireless charging will be easier than refueling.

In 2018 a SAE tellurian customary for wireless EV charging will be finalized, demonstrating that wireless appetite send is being embraced by all automakers. From creation a EV trust some-more consumer-friendly, to enabling AV robo-taxis – wireless EV charging is on lane to turn ubiquitous.

John Kalb, EV Charging Pros — I envision that an entrepreneurial classification will commend a vital value of a “electrified fueling hire of a future” and will announce a poignant investment in expansion of these stations in a US.  These fueling stations will not be grown for a tip 10 existent electric automobile markets, yet some-more broadly located in a tip 10-50 cities nationwide.

If we build it, they will come, and being initial in these markets by 2022 will yield marketplace split as a foundation of a travel complement scales.

Ionity charging station

Terry O’Day, EVgo — Building on existent investments of ~$2B from EV charging companies, automakers, skill owners, and others, 2018 has brought announcements of designed investments in EV charging stations in a North American marketplace to surpass $8 billion.  

Combined with a proliferation of longer-range and lower-cost EV models, stream and destiny infrastructure investments over a subsequent 5–10 years are dictated to give product planners and consumers certainty in EV charging hire infrastructure to urge charging times, capacitate long-range driving, and strech different communities. 

Electric Vehicle Sales in 2018

Mike Calise, Blink Charging — In a US, 2018 will be a tipping indicate and many surpassing year in EV history. From ~100 EVs in 2010, ~10k sole in 2011, ~100k accumulative by 2013, ~100k sole in 2014, and ~200k sole in 2017, a expansion of EVs has grown exponentially.

We will have over one million accumulative EVs on a highway someday this year and 2018 will make a genuine impact on a altogether automobile marketplace and go down in story as a “Year of a EV.”

Jason France, ClipperCreek, Inc. — We design a monthly electric automobile sales rate to double by a finish of 2018 with a affordable, long-range Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3 now available. 

bnef ev opinion 2017

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Joel Levin, Plug-in America — US plug-in automobile sales will scarcely double to 2% of a automobile market. Sales will unequivocally take off this summer when a series of new models start removing delivered in vast numbers. The Tesla Model 3 will be a vast partial of this story, as deliveries gradually ramp up, yet a 2018 Nissan LEAF and new Honda PHEV Clarity will also start to pierce in vast numbers during 2018.

The Chevy Bolt, that sole over 3200 units in December, will continue to grow in recognition in 2018. Big expansion in these 4 cars, together with solid increases in a series of other models, and altogether prosaic sales among gas cars, should simply pull EVs to 2% marketplace share in 2018. Watch for lots of press stories about a “arrival” of a EV this summer and fall. 

Fleet/Ride-Sharing EV Trends

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint — In 2018, there will no longer be a doubt about either electric expostulate will be a record that propels products and people for a foreseeable future. This year, a new concentration will be on a fleetification of all and how that, joined with electric drive, will change a lives some-more than we ever expected.

Traditional segments like movement train and smoothness automobile fleets will start to make poignant strides towards electric and a pierce from owned to common models will accelerate due to a extensive advantages that foundation and unconstrained expostulate pierce to a table.

Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire Technologies — Managed swift companies (like Avis Budget Group) will announce vital programs to electrify their fleets, and non-managed swift companie​s (such as Uber, Lyft) will announce incentives for drivers to use electric vehicles rather than explosion vehicles.

That will coax investment in EV quick charging by a swift companies themselves, with Uber and others deploying charging around civic centers. we also trust by 2019, utilities will partner adult with these fleets to finance a cost of deployment of this charging infrastructure.

Dan Sturges, Transportation Revolutionary — 2018 is when EVs turn mainstream, with scarcely each vast automotive organisation carrying an EV offering. And as efforts to severely enhance EV charging around a US take place, some-more concentration will start on installing EV charging infrastructure in locations that can be converted to “backstage” locations to support unconstrained (e-powered) vehicles.

2018 will also turn a year where new “multi-mobility” (Uber, Lyft, Didi, etc.) services benefit traction with consumer-citizens (aka “consumizens”) commencement to pierce past automobile ownership. As this change in mobility occurs a smaller a function change for EV adoption will seem to consumizens. 

What do we think? Who has embellished a many engaging or accurate perspective of what will be vast news for electric vehicles in 2018?

Background on a 14 People Who Participated

Here is a small credentials on a 14 attention executives who participated in this predictions project. In a slip display we can find their pursuit titles, Twitter handles, and website URLs.

  • I had reached out to 17 attention executives of that 1 declined (Big 3 automaker) and 2 others did not respond.
  • 11 of a 14 are with EV charging associated companies, one is with an EV association, one with a solid-state battery organisation and one a long-time travel and mobility expert.
  • Most are executives that we had oral with over a final year when researching CleanTechnica articles or was introduced to by others.
  • Unfortunately, all 14 participants are males, yet we did entice 2 womanlike CEOs to minister (one did not respond and a other substituted to a masculine executive). we wish to scold this in destiny identical projects.

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