11 Things to know about Aston Martin’s now iconic DB11

  1. Aston Martin has always been famous for a British-ness, though a DB11 isn’t scarcely as English as past models. It is indeed a initial product of a partnership between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz primogenitor association Daimler, that purchased 5 percent of Aston Martin.
  2. The German change is immediately apparent in a DB11’s infotainment system: Aston’s infamously antiquated electronic interface has been transposed with a chronicle of Merc’s COMAND complement found in a stream Benz lineup.
  3. Another Aston Martin initial is a use of turbochargers. The formula are increasing outlay and potency from smaller engines: The twin-turbo 5.2-liter V12 creates a punishing 600hp and 516 lb.-ft. of torque, while a Mercedes-AMG-sourced twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 creates an plenty 503 hp and 498 lb.-ft. of torque.
  4. The DB11 employs a bit of aerodynamic cunning to channel all that power. For starters, a model’s iconic side blades behind a front wheels now censor a secluded opening complement that helps keep a automobile closer to a belligerent during high speeds. Likewise, toward a rear, a array of dark ducts and atmosphere intakes form a “virtual spoiler” Aston has dubbed a Aeroblade.
  5. Trying to confirm between a V12 or V8? First, a pseudo-sincere condolences on your First World problem. Second, consider: The $198,995 DB11 V8 is about $17,500 cheaper and a small 0.1 seconds slower to 62 mph than a V12.
  6. If you’re a precisionist and simply contingency have 12 cylinders in your DB11, you’ll need to abandon a wealthy drop-top Volante chronicle as it is accessible usually with a twin-turbo V8 engine.
  7. Sea storm! Skyfall silver! Scorpus red! No, these are not marginal characters in a latest “Avengers” movie. They are 3 of a 37 extraneous paint tone options on a Aston Martin DB11, that also embody frosted potion blue and shimmering emerald.
  8. If we like online porn — automobile porn, that is! — Aston Martin is giving it divided at configurator.astonmartin.com. There, we can probably pattern your possess DB11, starting with a painful choice among a aforementioned 37 paint options before deliberation critical life choices like adding a bullion finish underneath a hood; a stately packet vs. cream truffle contrariety leather stitching (both sound delicious!); or adding small dot inlays to a chair backs (apparently famous as brogueing).
  9. You can have some fun personification a diversion we call Aston Martin DB11 Cabin Design Jeopardy. Ready? Here’s your initial answer: This form of leather gets a rarely pleasing soothing finish from a dry-drumming process. (Silence … Buzzer.) The answer is Caithness … Caithness leather. Not to be confused with Aston’s other interior leather, Balmoral. Apparently it is also soothing to a touch.
  10. From a paddle shifters and doorway pulls to a small ring around a horn, Aston Martin calls all a lead elements in a DB11’s cabin “jewelry.” In a $200,000 handbuilt car, we suspect that sounds improved than “doo-dads.”
  11. Talk about peculiarity control: Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer reportedly betrothed to privately check a initial 1,000 DB11 models built during a company’s Gaydon, England, factory. This way, we can be certain your sea charge DB11 has a stately packet contrariety stitching on a sharp red Balmoral seats, as we requested!


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